Fake Obama Enrollments are Just Like Is Fake Voter Tutnouts

Secretary Siebelius goes  before Congress and she cannot explain a word.  She tells everyone that  thousands are going to the web site,signing up but she cannot say a word  about premiums or whom is signing up!  This lady should thank GOD that she does not have a real job and works for another CROOK and LIAR!  She would  have lost it many weeks ago if she had a real job.

Siebelius reminds me of what the left does to gain control and force their policies on the rest of the people.  As far as I’m concerned, Obama lost the election and STOLE it, but many on the left do not know math and say that voter turnout that exceed 100% is not stealing an election.  Yet, their were many swing states as well as cities that showed over 104% voter turnout for Obama.  In fact, one dumb ass in Cincey bragged on national TV that she had voted 6 times since she wanted to make sure her vote counted – of course, the left say that this person and her actions never existed!

And of course, who can forget the lies told by Obama and his thugs regarding, BENGHAZI, the IRS, NSA spying, attorney general spying on reporters, fast & furious (a program that Obama claimed he did not know, but used executive

Secretary Siebelius goes  before Congress and she cannot explain a word.  She tells everyone that  thousands are going to the web site, signing up but she cannt say a word  about premiums security or who signed up.

This is just like the left.  Do whatever it takes to control the people – even IF IT MEANS LYING.  Siebelius and OBAMA, especially Obama, will say anything.

Heck, I do not even know why Obama gets paid since he does not know how corrupt his administration is (BENGHAZI, IRS, SPYING ON AMERICANS, ACTIONS OF DOJ,  WHAT’s THE CONSTITUTION OR WHO NEEDS TO FOLLOW THE LAW, etc).

REMEMBER BENGHAZI and lies told to the people to cover up the terrorist attack that killed an ambassador and other Americans (please post BENGHAZI story before Obama gets his way and the people forget)


Obama Delays Insurance Premium Rates Until After Mid-Terms

Once again Obama is showing that everything he does is political. The Obama administration plans to push back by a month the second year start of enrollment once the 2014 elections have taken place. Hopefully, the American people will see through Obama (besides, you is dumb enough to sign up when you are giving up your privacy rights so that the information given can be used by other CROOKS)!

Moving the filing deadline back a month gives insurers more time to assess the mix of consumers who enroll in plans in the first year they are offered through ObamaCare. And, of course, Obama supporter and who also helped design ObamaCare, Jonathan Gruber, has said, “The young, healthy people needed to balance the cost of care for older consumers aren’t likely to sign up in large numbers until March”. Does anyone, except for the White House, think this guy is a “non-partisan” and can give a true analysis of this blatantly political move?

The idea that insurance companies need more time to figure out who they are insuring is BS. This is just another law that Obama is breaking since he knows he can get away with it! This is an attempt by the Obama administration to stave off electoral disaster when sticker shock really bites consumers next year.

And even if the insurance companies do not reveal their premium hikes before the election, the fear of such will be there and will still play into the GOP’s hands if they proclaim how Obama tries to skirt the law!


The Low Information Voter That Scewed Their Fellow Americans

Is ObamaCare finally waking up the low information voters?

Will the pocketbook shock, the threat of fines for noncompliance, and the unworkable mechanism that is the ObamaCare fiasco finally awaken the low information, mainstream media coaxed, complacent American? Heck, the other screw Americans sure did not! Most could care less of BENGHAZI, Fast & Furious, IRS scandals, etc. since those really did not affect them at the moment.

In my opinion, the mass confusion, the total breakdown of the health insurance mechanism in this country may indeed be the internal event to begin either the unwinding of governmental influence or the complete assumption of control by same. ObamaCare if finally being talked about by many Americans and the media.

It must be never be forgotten that government does almost nothing well and screws up just about every government program (where is the money that is taken out of your check for social security, etc.). Beyond a handful of situations that warrant a central authority, such as food inspection, air traffic control, etc., you will reap less from that which is regulated.

Maybe, the low information voter is waking up to the fact that they are getting screwed by this government and that government must be corralled. Once we have government out of our lives, maybe then we will have government “by the people” and “for the people.”


The Fall Of Obama

Obama is on schedule to leave office and is widely acknowledged as America’s worst president.

Everything Barry has touched in four years and three quarters has turned to dog excrement except for the money Obama has give from the people to his friends, associates and cronies.

ObamaCare is a great example that helped Obama to fall from grace. Heck, even most of the media is beginning to see ObamaCare as a disaster. Despite the polls showing that 85% of Americans were happy with their health insurance, Obama with the help of the media insisted that there was a healthcare “crisis.” Then, Obama allowed Nancy Pelosi along with Harry Reid to write a 2,000-plus-page monstrosity of a bill, including every liberal fantasy wish from the last half-century.

Afterward, Obama through bribes and legislative trickery, shoved the Affordable Care Act down the throat of America, on a strictly partisan vote and before anyone even knew what was in it. At that time, I sure that you remember Nancy Pelosi famously saying, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.”

Well, now we know what is in it and the American people still don’t like it!

Obama, surely not having read the bill, welcomed it being nicknamed “ObamaCare.” It never occurred to Obama that ObamaCare might turn out to be a disaster. How could it fail? It had been Nicknamed after Obama! This is actually good since now Obama will not be forgotten as the worst President!

This is a man who named his dog even after himself (Barack Obama = “Bo”). Obama had his legacy, and that was all that mattered!

America is a country founded on the tenets of capitalism and freedom. NOT socialism! During the last 100 years, capitalism has been successful in improving the quality of life for billions and Obama and his thugs forgot.

Obama believe that one of the advantages of ObamaCare that Obama is always letting us know about, is that the young and healthy can stay on their parents’ insurance until they are 26 years old. Never realizing that Obama had reduced the pool of potential enrollees needed to make ObamaCare functional.

In addition, the mandate penalties in the bill were set too low to the young that were healthy to spend money getting an ObamaCare health policy!

Then, let us not forget that there is the “pre-existing conditions” part of the bill that Obama is always bragging about to sell ObamaCare. Obama NOT realizing what he had done was to create health care costs for the old, poor, and sick to be covered by the young and healthy through higher premiums. Does Obama really think the young are that stupid!

This ObamaCare guarantee will guarantee that the afflicted will be the people most willing to sign on. After all, it is in their best interest to do so. After all, who would NOT want everyone else to pay for his health care?

Let us not forget to mention the deductibles. Americans are accustomed to a $30 co-pay and not $350 to $13,000! In addition, most Ameicans are going to love to wait 2 months for a doctor’s appointment only to be told they have to pay a higher deductible.

The Obama administration decided that ObamaCare was best for you. Now bend over and shut up!

With huge deductibles, and the higher monthly cost, it is the left’s wealth transfer from the young and healthy to the old, poor, and sick.

Healthcare.gov is another Obama metaphor. Obama and his cronies had almost three and a half years and over $5 Million dollars to build a website and they still botched it!

What makes anyone think that while the Obama administration could NOT competently build a website, that they would be able to competently manage the nation’s health care?

Remember, the following: Heck, knows the media has already!

“Fast and Furious” – where Obama’s administration shipped guns to Mexican drug cartels to be used to kill Mexicans and Americans in order to build a better case for gun control was nothing. Let us not forget the new scandal where the DOJ has admitted to shipping grenades to Mexico’s cartels (http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2013/10/21/meet-the-us-attorney-who-let-grendades-go-to-mexican-drug-cartels-n1728756). Yet, not one word from Obama or the media

And, of course, the IRS deliberately thwarting political opponents of Obama to help him beat Mitt Romney in last year’s election was nothing. Even, the voter turnout exceeding 100% in many precincts (mentioned in a few mainstream papers only!)!

BENGHAZI – The deliberate obfuscation of the Benghazi narrative, where Chris Stevens, the United States ambassador to Libya, was sodomized and murdered along with 3 other brave Americans while Obama went to bed early, so he could be fresh for a campaign event the next day in Las Vegas was nothing.

Let us NOT forget that the NSA spying on Americans was also nothing by the media!

There are so many scandals that they are too numerous to name. But, by now, I’m sure that you get my point!

ObamaCare will finish Obama, in my opinion, because it was designed to punish just about all Americans without federal government connections (300 million or so people) and to reward 30 million or so voters whom Obama believes can be counted on to vote for the socialist/democratic party.


The Biggest Obama Scandals Are Proven and Ignored BY The Mainstream Media

Obama is suppose to be a President and NOT a dictator, although, I believe he won the 2012 election by cheating – most people, including Republicans, know basic math and that it is impossible to get voter turnout to exceed 100% like in swing states and many socialist/democratic precincts. In fact, one person in Ohio was dumb enough to brag on nation TV that she had voted 6 times for Obama!

In addition to the above, there is clear evidence that Obama has broken the law on multiple occasions. And not even Republicans seem to care since most want to live and not get caught up in Chicago politics – you know, Obama thus!

Although, many of the socialist/democrats and Obama thugs believe that Obama’s so called crimes against the American people are untrue, we must ask, has Obama broken the law, lied under oath, or authorized war crimes? In my opinion, he has and I will prove it!

First, yes Obama has broken the law on multiple occasions. Despite clearly stating, that there are 3 branches of government and that the commander-in-chief is not lawfully empowered to ignore treaties duly ratified by the Senate, Obama has willfully failed to enforce the torture treaty, signed by Ronald Reagan and duly ratified by the Senate, that compels him to investigate and prosecute torture.

In addition, Obama has also violated the War Powers Resolution, a law he has specifically proclaimed to be Constitutionally valid, when committing U.S. troops to Libya without Congressional approval.

On the subject of war crimes, Obama and his attorney-general Eric Holder have decided to remain in breach of the Geneva Conventions and be complicit themselves in covering up the war crimes of their predecessors that they said so Obama could win the 1st election.

Many Americans, including me, believe that Obama has ordered the assassination of American citizens in secret without due process? Did he kill any of their teenage kids without ever explaining how or why that happened? This, of course, goes to the drone program. Obama has even refused to reveal the legal reasoning he used to conclude his targeted killing program is lawful?

Obama has waged an unprecedented war on whistleblowers so now he has kept those willing to speak out quiet!

Obama has spied on millions of innocent Americans without a warrant or probable cause using the NSA.

In addition, Obama signs a bill that enshrines in law the previously merely alleged executive power of indefinite detention without trial of terror suspects.

The IRS scandal and Department of Justice leak investigation excesses are worrisome, but the biggest scandals definitely go all the way to the White House, and are still largely ignored even by commentators who have acknowledged that they have happen. And Obama still has the nerve to call them phoney scandals and NOT be called on his phoneyness excuse!

At the New York Times, Mother Jones, The New Yorker, and most of the media outlets, have covered for Obama. In fact, most of the scandals as well as the Keystone Pipeline are NOT even mentioned by the media! Obama’s law breakings (avoided Congress several times by avoiding the Constitution or using agencies such as the EPA) to do as Obama please. Yet, his supporters continue to say that Obama has done nothing illegal, unethical or even wrong!


Is Obama Really Always The Last Guy To Know

Yesterday, I wrote an article about Obama knowing nothing and how he thought the American people were dumb enough to fall for his constantly lying.
Well, I’m so upset about Obama lying to the American people daily, that I decided to write another article about Obama being a LIAR!

Let’s create a list of things that Obama claims he did not know:


2. IRS Scandals (more than 1 & this week we found out that Obama’s fingerprints were all over IRS Tea Party scandal even naming the targets!)

3. NSA Spying


5. AP Phone Records Scandal

6. James Rosen Scandal

7. Keystone XL Pipeline Controversy (heck, we are NOT even talking about it or JOBS!)

8. Whose Idea Was Sequestration? Why, Obama’s, of course, and NOT the REPUBLICANS as often told by Obama & the socialist/democrats

9. The Obama Bus That Cost Taxpayers $1.1 Million (Obama began his campaign for re-election and nicknamed “Ground Force One”). Not one mention by the media!

10. Illegal Immigrants and Obamacare

11. ObamaCare (Obama said in the Rose Garden that ObamaCare could speak 150 languages, yet the main versions in English and Spanish were NOT working. I did not even know that there were 150 languages in the US!

I find that this “I did not know claim”, a crock! No one told Obama that his “signature legislation” could run into problems. What, were they to afraid that Obama would exercise Chicago politics? In addition, I guess they forgot to mention to Obama that the company hired to put together the website had “a checkered past” and that they were donor to Obama’s campaign.

It seems that Obama is always the last guy to know in this government anything that the Obama administration does and the media helps Obama lie to the American people. Is Obama really that incompetent?


Where Is Kathleen Sebelius?

Where is Secretary Kathleen Sebelius these days? Is she hiding because of ObamaCare failure?

Is she hiding because John Stewart asked the Secretary questions that the real media does not ask? Shouldn’t the media be held accountable for ObamaCare as well as the other 5 scandals? After all, the media also did not report hoping that the American people would be in the dark and forget about them!

However, it is NOT fair to blame Secretary Sebelius for everything that went wrong with the ObamaCare rollout. Although, Sebelius was the woman responsible for the project and that’s how it goes in the real world she was just told what she was told by Obama’s thugs – hire past Obama donors so we can pay them back for their campaign money.

If Secretary Sebelius is to be held responsible, who else are should we hold responsible? Well, Obama, of course, Obama was the one that said the health-care website should be built by donors and insiders. Heck, the White House even admitted it last week!

Thee editorial board of The New York Times, who is Obama’s biggest cheerleader even wrote the Democrats who voted for ObamaCare did NOT even read it!

The Wall Street Journal wrote, “Eventually Mrs. Sebelius will have to make a real accounting of this government failure to someone other than the TV comic Jon Stewart, and perhaps she can also explain why the people who can’t build a working website also deserve the power to reorganize one-sixth of the U.S. economy. For now, the Administration that styles itself as the most transparent in history won’t reveal the truth-perhaps because it is afraid of what the public will find.” In addition, I would suggest that Congress subpoena Sebelius before she goes on her fundraising trip to Boston since she claims that she does not have time to attend Congress’ hearing.

From “Fast & Furious” to “Benghazi” to the NSA spying on Americans to “Solyndra” to the “ObamaCare rollout”, the Obama administration has a terrible arrogance to it! Last week the Whit House blamed the Republicans. But, because that did not go over well with the American people, they dropped the excuse. In today’s ObamaCare speech, Obama, had the balls, to hawk Obamacare as event turns into infomercial saying that nothing was wrong with ObamaCare. Obama and his thugs do NOT think that they have to explain anything except telling us 1,000,000 times that President Obama made the decision to kill Osama Bin Laden (however, leaving out that Obama used intelligence from Bush’s team).

Maybe someone in the media will wake up if they hear that there is “a Pulitizer” in the future for the reporter who has the guts to investigate the inner workings of this corrupt administration. After all, is a lot to investigate! The media could start with the companies that got the ObamaCare website contract and where donors to the Obama campaign.