Is Obama Really Always The Last Guy To Know

Yesterday, I wrote an article about Obama knowing nothing and how he thought the American people were dumb enough to fall for his constantly lying.
Well, I’m so upset about Obama lying to the American people daily, that I decided to write another article about Obama being a LIAR!

Let’s create a list of things that Obama claims he did not know:


2. IRS Scandals (more than 1 & this week we found out that Obama’s fingerprints were all over IRS Tea Party scandal even naming the targets!)

3. NSA Spying


5. AP Phone Records Scandal

6. James Rosen Scandal

7. Keystone XL Pipeline Controversy (heck, we are NOT even talking about it or JOBS!)

8. Whose Idea Was Sequestration? Why, Obama’s, of course, and NOT the REPUBLICANS as often told by Obama & the socialist/democrats

9. The Obama Bus That Cost Taxpayers $1.1 Million (Obama began his campaign for re-election and nicknamed “Ground Force One”). Not one mention by the media!

10. Illegal Immigrants and Obamacare

11. ObamaCare (Obama said in the Rose Garden that ObamaCare could speak 150 languages, yet the main versions in English and Spanish were NOT working. I did not even know that there were 150 languages in the US!

I find that this “I did not know claim”, a crock! No one told Obama that his “signature legislation” could run into problems. What, were they to afraid that Obama would exercise Chicago politics? In addition, I guess they forgot to mention to Obama that the company hired to put together the website had “a checkered past” and that they were donor to Obama’s campaign.

It seems that Obama is always the last guy to know in this government anything that the Obama administration does and the media helps Obama lie to the American people. Is Obama really that incompetent?



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