Has Obama Fallen

Obama has woven a tangled web for himself and the Democratic Party, which passed his signature legislation in lockstep and has left him with no way out. Obama has screwed the socialist/democratic party with his many lies. Many lies are are becoming obvious in his signature program – ObamaCare! Many of Obama’s lies affect the health, wealth and welfare of every American. Thus, the media can not cover them up like they have done in the past!

The lies that insurance policies and doctors could be kept are only the first stage of Obama and the socialist/democrats deceptions on the American people. Obamacare was sold to the American people by Obama and the socialist/democratic party on the premise that it would not add “one dime” to the deficit when in fact it will add many dimes! In addition, Obama and the socialist/democrats also perpetrated a lie to the Congressional Budget Office by gaming the scoring rules. Instead of $900 Million, it is now almost $3 Trillion!

On November 14th, a day before the Republicans were to induce their fix, Obama announced his intention to change what Democrats only weeks ago were calling “settled law” without Congressional authorization, exempting health insurance companies from the mandates in that law until after the 2014 elections – was this a political move also! This is a joke, of course, since even if state insurance commissioners went along (the State of Washington commissioner has already announced he will NOT), there is no way that health insurance companies could re-do their paperwork in time for December 15th, the effective deadline for having policies in force on January 1st. The very industry Obama recently characterized as “bad apples” is now expected to pull his failure from the fire and perform miracles. This, of course, also makes the sub par policies OK to sell!

On January 1st, 2014, people with sick and injured family members will most likely be showing up in emergency rooms and told that they have no health insurance coverage thanks to Obama! Thus, bankruptcy, lack of treatment, and eventually, fatalities will result (can the government be sued?). Thus, it can be said that Obama lied and people died with the help of the socialist/democratic party!

The Congressional socialist/democrats are now really screwed. It is obvious that Obama’s fix will not work at a practical level (takes more that two weeks to write and mail those cancelled plus you still need states to approve), and that Obama’s attempt to shift blame to the insurance companies for failing to take advantage of the permission Obama gave them will not offer any cover if socialist/democrats vote against the Upton Bill. Votes by the socialist/democrats against the Upton Bill or the Landrieu Bill in the Senate, would be a gift to Republican opponents in 2014. Plus, Obama has threaten to VETO either bill if they reach his desk! Thus, Obama told another lie to the American people since he we not sincere in really fixing the problem that he caused!

“There is nothing in the Affordable Care Act that said that your insurance company should cancel you,” said Minority Leader Pelosi. (via Weekly Standard). Of course, this witch forgot that the regulations do just that!

In addition, even House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said at the time the statement was made, it was accurate. The problems with the socialist/democratic leadership is that the statements came when people who have an interest in ObamaCare!

Even in the unlikely event the website problems are solved on November 30th, Americans who pay income taxes and all along took responsibility for buying health care insurance will find themselves paying more each month to subsidize the policies of people who never took responsibility for providing their own health care insurance. And my guess is that most of those people most likely do not pay income taxes.

Starting January 1st because of Obama’s con on the American people, most will find their family budgets strained by the extra cost of health care insurance and thus will be cutting back on their spending elsewhere. Thus, say hello to the Obamacare recession!

The ObamaCare mess is exactly what you get when no one takes responsibility and the head of the government (CEO in a business) takes a hands off approach! Remember, Obama has zero experience in running a business – even a lemonade stand!

Obamacare is going to continue to implode in my opinion. Americans will suffer real harm and thus be more angry. Obama and his socialists mentors Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinksy had in mind that to create change in government you must create chaos!



Why Does Obama Think That Treaties Trump the Constitution

Why does Obama and the socialist/democrats believe that treaties are superior to the U.S. Constitution? Well, we know Obama does since he always tries to go around Congress and the Constitution! And to think, Obama taught Constitutional law – even without a law license since he gave it upo when he heard the Illinois state bar was in the process of revoking is law license!

Can Obama and the Democratic led Senate invest the federal government with new powers not enumerated in the U.S. Constitution simply by signing and ratifying a treaty? Can the Tenth Amendment be overridden by passing a treaty? Well, we will soon find out when the U.S. Supreme Court on decides today in the case of Bond v. United States.

Here’s what this case is about. Mrs. Bond, under Pennsylvania law, could have been charged with assault, and very likely could have been convicted, and could have received a sentence appropriate for the crime. However, she was charged under federal law instead since she had used household chemicals on her neighbor’s mail box. The federal government (DOJ per Obama) claimed the authority was based on the treaty the Senate had ratified. The crime with which Mrs. Bond was charged was considered a way to implement the terms of the Chemical Weapons treaty and to avoid the Constitution!

One of biggest concerns about the Bond case now, is that this method could be used to criminalize other behavior that the federal government may not regulate, such as gun ownership. Obama and Eric Holder have been searching for a way to implement gun control. Heck, they even went so far as to provide guns to the Mexican Cartels! Thus, could Obama draw on the treaty power to impose further regulations on firearms? I would NOT put it past Obama who I believe is a LIAR and a CHEAT!

The United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a treaty (Arms Trade Treaty)designed to regulate global trade in conventional weapons. Article 8 of the Arms Trade Treaty requires the government of any country which imports guns to “take measures to ensure that appropriate and relevant information is provided” to the government of the exporting country, stating “such measures may include end use or end user documentation.” This article and other similar articles in the treaty would open the door to a national registry of guns, facilitating the confiscation of firearms of the citizenry in an emergency declared by the President. In this case, the CROOK Obama! Predictably, Secretary of State John Kerry, another LIAR & CROOK (will not allow BENGHAZIA people to testify. WHY?), signed this treaty on behalf of the United States, presenting it to the U.S. Senate for ratification.

If Obama could form another “Gang of Eight” Senators to join him to ratify this UN Arms Trade Treaty, a Supreme Court with just one new member could find an excuse to claim a powerful new theory to erode gun rights. Thus, a UN treaty could be used as a basis to implement a national gun registry, or other restrictions on guns and thus override the U.S. Constitution!

If we do NOT stop the federal government in the Bond case, the progressives (one world order), at home and abroad will keep trying to reduce the individual freedom of Americans, so that we are more like the citizens of other nations. You do NOT want to be like the other nations, do you?


Ted Cruz Won The Shutdown So Now Everyone Knows About ObamaCare

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his Republican colleagues won the shutdown drama in October by letting the American people know about ObamaCare. The full results will depend upon Republicans continuing to implement conservatives’ obvious plan of letting the American people know how ObamaCare is controlling their lives!

Approval has dropped 5% for Obama since the October government shutdown, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal opinion survey. My guess is that Obama’s approval rating has dropped even further since who the heck can trust NBC News? Obama’s disapproval rating is now a toxic 51 percent, as even Obama-worshiping NBC News admits. In general, it is said that over 50 percent of voters disapproving is considered fatal for an incumbent office holder. Although, Obama is not facing re-election and cheated is way to the office (over 100% turnout). However, in a way, Obama is facing re-election — facing the 2014 congressional elections. If the Republicans hold on to the House (most likely) and take over the Senate, then Obama will have trouble screwing the American people with his leftist agenda!

Forty-seven percent now think that ObamaCare is a bad idea, up four percent in this same poll from early October. The race for governor in Virginia has tightened up to within two percent, although Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign probably will not withstand the outrageous, lies told about him by the Democrat. And Obama, of course, is going to Virginia today to tell more lies!

Skeptics ask: What was achieved by Ted Cruz with his 21-hour filibuster against ObamaCare on the floor of the U.S. Senate? Well, now the American people know that Obama is a LIAR and that ObamaCare was NOT what Obama sold to the people! What did Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives accomplish by trying to delay or defund ObamaCare?

Several things. To begin with the people realizing that Obama that Obama really is not a nice guy and letting average voters see Obama’s snarl. The shutdown revealed that Obama is a vindictive, petty tyrant in conflict with his political image, carefully created for superficial “hope and change” voters.

Above all else, Ted Cruz made it clear to the American people that the ObamaCare disaster is the Democrats’ baby. Sen. Cruz, Sen. Mike Lee, and other Republicans succeeded in sharply separating the Republican Party from the ObamaCare looming disasters, that are now upon us. So now Democrats own this mess lock, stock, and barrel with many seeking to delay since they have re-elections in 2014!

In addition, Cruz anticipated that the American people would realize eventually: “Holy Cow! Those Republicans were right!” In fact, Cruz seized on a perfect opportunity and the impacts of ObamaCare are still in the process of unfolding.

The ObamaCare website fiasco was part of Ted Cruz’s strategy all along. In fact, it did not take any kind of genius to know that these embarrassing developments were coming — only the courage to act on insight. Millions of Americans being canceled from their insurance and sticker shock from shockingly high rate increases were all built in to the Democrats’ Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Sen. Cruz, Sen. Lee, and the conservatives understand Ronald Reagan’s techniques: winning the policy debate in the public square will eventually drives elections. Appealing to the public on issues eventually changes the votes in Congress. Ask the Democrats or the Republicans like McCain?

Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are following Reagan’s approach, knowing that persuading the public eventually changes votes in Congress. As most know, Reagan appealed directly to the voters and his with persistence he dominated our nation’s politics!

Many of Cruz’s critics argue that the shutdown interfered with the public relations failure of the October 1 roll out of ObamaCare. The critics claim that conservatives bumped embarrassing news for Obama off the front pages of the news. Well, that is nonsense.

Spending a few weeks on the debt ceiling and budget was never going to be news about the much longer disasters of ObamaCare and the roll out! Ted Cruz and the Conservative Republicans could easily see that. In fact, the Republican battle actually intensified the ObamaCare mess in news coverage by focusing attention on the topic with the government shutdown being forgotten!

As I said, the ObamaCare roll out fiasco is being experienced by the voters. Generally, the voters learn about an issue only through the news – who always seem to support Obama and his thugs! However, in this case, the liberal journalists cannot spin voters’ real-world experiences and screw them by telling more lies. JUST A NOTE: I STILL DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY THE PEOPLE STILL SUPPORT THE MEDIA THAT IS WILLING TO LIE TO THEM!

Ted Cruz and his conservative friends sharply distanced the Republican Party from ObamaCare. To reshape the country, liberals always have to sucker gullible moderate and liberal Republicans like John McCain and Mitch McConnell into sharing the blame. One of the greatest weapons liberals have to “fundamentally transform America” is to deny the voters a choice. Thus, the roll out debacle will not help Republicans in the 2014 elections unless the voters clearly understand that Republicans fought against ObamaCare and are NOT the same as Democrats!


Obama’s Lying Is Actually Cause To Rejoice

Obama is certainly an accomplished liar. The American people are awakening to this fact. In addition, he has lost creditability worldwide in addition to the American people!

Obama’s lies are well know. They include:

1. “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan — period. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor — period.” This is Obama’s latest lie as well as his biggest! If you remember, Richard Nixon was forced to resigned over a lie nowhere near as big as Obamacare!

2. The attack on the consulate and the CIA annex in Benghazi grew out of a spontaneous demonstration in protest against a disgusting, anti-Muslim video created in the U.S. This is Obama’s most arrogantly and insensitively tarnishing the bravery of the four Americans and thinking that the American people are too dumb to know better!

3. The idea of purposefully not awarding tax exempt status to Tea Party groups and other conservative groups(until after the 2012 election and waiting up to 3 years) originated with a few rogue agents in the Cincinnati office of the IRS and by the way, liberal groups were also targeted. This absurd and deceitful assertion was intended to hide the fact that the orders to conduct the operation emanated from some point high up in the Obama administration since they were afraid that Obama would lose! In addition, Obama’s thugs cheated by having voter turnouts in many areas exceed 100%. Heck, even a school kid knows that is impossible!

4. I believe in the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. At least I did until I needed the court to rule that way so that I could get those suckers votes!

5. Fast and Furious in which Obama claims to never heard of it until he was willing to issue an executive privilege to protect the CROOK, Holder. Ask Eric Holder; he can refresh your memory.

6. Obama’s trillion-dollar stimulus bill would fund shovel-ready projects that would create jobs and jump start the economy. Well, it turns out that most of the money went to labor union allies, state and municipal governments so that they could avoid bankruptcy, and Obama’s other crony capitalists.

7..And who can forget Dodd-Frank will would identify banks and financial institutions that were just “too big to fail,” and guarantee that excessive wealth would not be concentrated in too few corporate entities. In fact, the big banks have picked off the smaller banks and now control more than their predecessors did before the great RECESSION! In addition, the onerous regulations in the law are crippling American businesses.

8. Obama’s new executive order on climate change expands government control with 7 Democratic governors and 1 Republican governor from Guam. And, of course, the order bypasses Congress. However, screw the border!

The above examples, Although many more, recapitulation certainly serves to identify the Obama as a serial liar. Obama needs to be impeached. However, that will never happen as long as the Democrats and Harry Reid (A CROOK himself) are in control of the senate. However, you can do something about it in 2014.

So why should the American people rejoice? Well, there are severally reasons.

Obama fears that Americans prefer a private-sector health care market to a single-payer government controlled system and that Americans will see that his drastic shrinkage of the U.S. military and intelligence capabilities has dramatically increased the danger of world chaos.

In summary, Obama fails to tell the truth because he fears that the majority of Americans are not in favor of his radical transformation of society.


Is Obama Really Always The Last Guy To Know

Yesterday, I wrote an article about Obama knowing nothing and how he thought the American people were dumb enough to fall for his constantly lying.
Well, I’m so upset about Obama lying to the American people daily, that I decided to write another article about Obama being a LIAR!

Let’s create a list of things that Obama claims he did not know:


2. IRS Scandals (more than 1 & this week we found out that Obama’s fingerprints were all over IRS Tea Party scandal even naming the targets!)

3. NSA Spying


5. AP Phone Records Scandal

6. James Rosen Scandal

7. Keystone XL Pipeline Controversy (heck, we are NOT even talking about it or JOBS!)

8. Whose Idea Was Sequestration? Why, Obama’s, of course, and NOT the REPUBLICANS as often told by Obama & the socialist/democrats

9. The Obama Bus That Cost Taxpayers $1.1 Million (Obama began his campaign for re-election and nicknamed “Ground Force One”). Not one mention by the media!

10. Illegal Immigrants and Obamacare

11. ObamaCare (Obama said in the Rose Garden that ObamaCare could speak 150 languages, yet the main versions in English and Spanish were NOT working. I did not even know that there were 150 languages in the US!

I find that this “I did not know claim”, a crock! No one told Obama that his “signature legislation” could run into problems. What, were they to afraid that Obama would exercise Chicago politics? In addition, I guess they forgot to mention to Obama that the company hired to put together the website had “a checkered past” and that they were donor to Obama’s campaign.

It seems that Obama is always the last guy to know in this government anything that the Obama administration does and the media helps Obama lie to the American people. Is Obama really that incompetent?


Obama, Our Elected Hypocrite


It is well known, that hypocrites are a special kind of liar, deserving of a special kind of contempt. With this in mind, read the following:

The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It’s a sign that the US Government can’t pay its own bills. It’s a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that “the buck stops here.” Instead, Washington today is shifting the burden of bad choices onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.

These are the words of Obama in 2006, criticizing the Bush administration for increasing America’s debt and raising the debt limit in response. A two faced individual!

After almost 5 years under Obama’s leadership, perpetually raising America’s debt limit has become common place. And, of course, Congress and the Senate go along with Obama’s wishes. If politicans were to offer the Obama administration the exact criticism that Obama offered the Bush administration, they would be called a radical. Ask Ted Cruz or Mike Lee.

Of course, the left and socialist/democrats say that if Obama raised taxes on the rich, we would not need to raise the debt ceiling so often!

It is generally accepted principal, that taxes often do not yield revenue, because people generally do not like paying them if they feel them to be intolerable and will find a way out. Americans have always been really good at avoiding them, particularly those Americans with who are rich! American producers (the so called rich and business owners) are only too eager to take their capital and operations, with American jobs in tow; I might add, to more favorable business environs.

Higher taxes really would not make a big difference anyway since Obama began his own spending binge long before he secured any significant tax increases. Irrespective of what kind of revenue legislation Obama thinks he’ll get in the future, it is irresponsible of this administration to spend trillions of future dollars, as yet unearned by our children and grandchildren, on social programs today.

In my opinion, it is irresponsible of Obama because we do not have the money today, and we are spending well more than we earn. It is a reality so simple that in 2006 Obama, who never held a job in the private sector or created one dime of wealth, outwardly proclaimed it to be a lack of leadership. So what would Obama say today? Would he call himself a radical bent on holding Americans hostage for his hesitance to lift the debt ceiling?

Since Obama is a hypocrite, he would not consider himself a failed leader and is gladly willing to go pass the $17 Billion debt ceiling? Time and the fiscal metrics of his presidency have proven that Obama is a LIAR and a hypocrite.

Of course, Obama was never against excessive spending as he claimed in 2006. Obama was against Republicans spending excessively on things other than government expansive programs! Obama’s comments in 2006 were skillful rhetoric meant to attract independent voters in a center-right nation. However, now that the independents have had a dose of Obama, they are leaving him in groves!

Independents have come to realize that Obama is a hypocrite and a LIAR and believe in big government! Obama believes that it is the government’s right to extract enough from you to fulfill his ambition, whatever the cost. And if that means an ever-increasing debt, so be it.

Behold, America, your elected hypocrite who are doomed to reap what we have sown!


Is Obama Incompetent

Most Americans never expected that Obama would be incompetent. After all, Obama graduated from top schools even though he does not want to show his grades or classes. Heck, even if he was in the bottom 25%, that would still be better educated than most Americans!

Obama wanted the job of President since it was a title. However, Obama has shown blatant reluctance to govern. Obama has also shown open disdain for Congress and the Constitution. In fact, he generally does what he wants by going around Congress or the Constitution! In addition, Obama shows that he is from the Southside of Chicago because of his ill manners hardly befitting a national leader and reeking of a street tough, his arrogance that he doesn’t even try to hide, his whoppers (Obama is known as a LIAR and has lost all creditability).

Could anybody who was so widely touted as a gift to mankind be so pathetic? Surely Obama only pretends to be a clown and does have a brain! I also agree with that Obama knows exactly what he is doing, that his real goal is to ruin America as we know it, and everything he does is strategically geared to his destructive objective.

Of course, Obama is a revolutionary communist (socialist when he first got into politics in Chicago) and has now made the democratic party more socialist. Obama’s aim, in my opinion, is to demolish the capitalist system of which America is the foremost exponent. Everything we know about him, everything he does, points to Obama being a socialist and want to destroy America! As a matter of fact, Obama has never concealed his real intentions. Obama mere days before the 2008 election said he would “fundamentally transform America” if elected?

So I really concur with Limbaugh’s theory as to Obama’s real agenda. However, I can see no contradiction between Obama’s destructive goals and his stupendous incompetence. That is to say, Obama is genuinely inept in implementing his plans.

Obama’s presidency (I seldom mention Obama as president since he is a CROOK) looks like that of the Keystone Cops. As everyone knows, creating chaos is part and parcel of the revolutionaries’ rulebook. They aim to bring down the power structure, create an atmosphere of total lawlessness, scare the populace into clamoring for a strong hand capable of restoring order, and, under the cover of chaos, storm the ramparts and seize the levers of power. Obama might not need chaos, however, since chaos is inimical to his objective as it raises alarm and breeds resistance.

Obama’s overriding objective is now to win the 2014 Congressional elections and gain control of both houses of Congress so as to be able to accomplish his tasks unimpeded during the last two years of his second term like he did the first two years of his first election term. That is why we must flip the Senate in 2014 and start impeachment charges against Obama!

Generally speaking, conservatives are notoriously reluctant to join the political fray and do it only under duress, when they are really scared and really angry like they did in 2010. Of course, Obama saw what had happened and gave warning signs to federal agencies, like the IRS, to scare the Tea Party.

Obama behaves the way he does simply because that is the way he is. He just does not know any better. Is Obama really that incompetent that he would suggest barring access to the open-air World War II Memorial for a group of aged, wheelchair-bound veterans while throwing the Mall open to an illegal immigrants? I would suggest that Obama is! Heck just look at his foreign policies in the past like Syria and Egypt! In my opinion, Obama is not only meanspirited, but incompetent. Just look at his latest anti military idea of withholding military death benefits from the families of deceased soldiers.

Obama is unmistakably a dyed-in-the-wool revolutionary. And revolutionary are so incompetent, that they are never good at governance, or at any other form of constructive endeavor, for that matter. Heck, just look at Morsi, from the Muslim Brotherhood, whom Obama supported and invited to the White House. Generally, revolutionaries who are incompetent as previous mentioned use the lofty slogans which are merely a smokescreen to disguising their obsessive lust for power. Does Obama come to mind?

As the saying goes, beware of what you wish. Just look at ObamaCare and how it treats the average American!

In summary, Obama does indeed yearn to destroy America, no question about it and at the same time, Obama is incompetent in going about it (Just listen to Americans speaking out), no question about that either.