Where Is Kathleen Sebelius?

Where is Secretary Kathleen Sebelius these days? Is she hiding because of ObamaCare failure?

Is she hiding because John Stewart asked the Secretary questions that the real media does not ask? Shouldn’t the media be held accountable for ObamaCare as well as the other 5 scandals? After all, the media also did not report hoping that the American people would be in the dark and forget about them!

However, it is NOT fair to blame Secretary Sebelius for everything that went wrong with the ObamaCare rollout. Although, Sebelius was the woman responsible for the project and that’s how it goes in the real world she was just told what she was told by Obama’s thugs – hire past Obama donors so we can pay them back for their campaign money.

If Secretary Sebelius is to be held responsible, who else are should we hold responsible? Well, Obama, of course, Obama was the one that said the health-care website should be built by donors and insiders. Heck, the White House even admitted it last week!

Thee editorial board of The New York Times, who is Obama’s biggest cheerleader even wrote the Democrats who voted for ObamaCare did NOT even read it!

The Wall Street Journal wrote, “Eventually Mrs. Sebelius will have to make a real accounting of this government failure to someone other than the TV comic Jon Stewart, and perhaps she can also explain why the people who can’t build a working website also deserve the power to reorganize one-sixth of the U.S. economy. For now, the Administration that styles itself as the most transparent in history won’t reveal the truth-perhaps because it is afraid of what the public will find.” In addition, I would suggest that Congress subpoena Sebelius before she goes on her fundraising trip to Boston since she claims that she does not have time to attend Congress’ hearing.

From “Fast & Furious” to “Benghazi” to the NSA spying on Americans to “Solyndra” to the “ObamaCare rollout”, the Obama administration has a terrible arrogance to it! Last week the Whit House blamed the Republicans. But, because that did not go over well with the American people, they dropped the excuse. In today’s ObamaCare speech, Obama, had the balls, to hawk Obamacare as event turns into infomercial saying that nothing was wrong with ObamaCare. Obama and his thugs do NOT think that they have to explain anything except telling us 1,000,000 times that President Obama made the decision to kill Osama Bin Laden (however, leaving out that Obama used intelligence from Bush’s team).

Maybe someone in the media will wake up if they hear that there is “a Pulitizer” in the future for the reporter who has the guts to investigate the inner workings of this corrupt administration. After all, is a lot to investigate! The media could start with the companies that got the ObamaCare website contract and where donors to the Obama campaign.



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