Duck Dynasty’s, Phil Robertson, Flap

Phil Robertson’s of Duck Dynasty’s recent comments on homosexuality has drawn fire from the fags and those on the left who hate Christians and believe in secularism!  It can also be said that A&E’s reaction to the patriarch’s remarks reveals that they can be swayed by those liberals that do not believe in Christian principals.  Thus, perhaps those that believe in God and the bible should tell A&E where to stick it and avoid watching their channel!

The recent comments reveal a couple of issues showing that the left are hypocrites!

One is that free speech is not free unless people have the right to say things that might offend others.   In addition, free speech is only “good” for those on the left.  Take, Martin Bashir comments on MSNBS, who thought Sarah Palin should be subjected to having someone defecate in her mouth for suggesting debt equals servitude.  Those on the left did not say a word.  Phil Robertson’s comments may have been crude, but the Duck Dynasty star has the right to express his private religious opinion without fear of losing his job.

The show was wildly popular, reaching up to 14 million viewers.  In fact, it was the number 1 reality TV show!  It turned out millions of Americans loved the Robertson family and Phil Robertson – check out Facebook & Twitter for outright support.  And I’m sure that A&E loved the money.

However, A&E was first against the Robertson family praying at the dinner table after every episode nor they  the producers like the mention of God or Jesus Christ.  In addition, the producers thought that the Robertson family not using cuss words (in fact, the producers used faked beeps as if a cuss word had been used.  And now because Phil’s Christian values against gays has been said, he is fired!

However, I’m sure that A&E loves the money.  Once again, why don’t we tell A&E to shove it and see how fast we can get their cable ratings down as well as their lost of MONEY!


My guess is that the producers of Duck Dynasty never thought the public would love everyone in the Robertson clan for who they are and for what the Robertson clan represent.  As A&E is finding out (as well as the left), there is a huge audience in America, and not just the South, that like the values the Robertson family holds to.

In the meantime,the flapd continues with most people supporting Phil Robertson and his Christian values.

Thus, I offer my suggestions to the cast of Duck Dynasty:

Quit – all of you, it’s not worth the money.  Besides, you have enough!

If you do not quit, join some other, less politically correct producers than those on A&E.  Many would be happy to endorse and run your show.  Heck, the Blaze has already offed!



It Is Time To Subpoena Valerie Jarrett Regarding BENGHAZI

Recently Fox News correspondent Catherine Herridge told Megyn Kelly on the Kelly Report that a notice was posted at the BENGHAZI Annex to be on alert on 9/11/12 and that the agents were told a year before the terrorist attack that, should the BENGHAZI Annex be assaulted, the agents would be “on their own.”

To my knowledge no element of the military was put on standby immediately prior to or on 9/11/12.  Why?

Thanks mostly to Rep. Trey Gowdy, (R-SC) asking why no military response was ordered when “they didn’t know when it was going to end”  is stunning to say the least.  Revelations about the lack of adequate or any forceful reaction to the event are even more stunning.   I guess that it is true that Obama and his thugs do not like the military and that is why Obama is replacing our military heads with his own people!

This fact is of extremely important and we encourage readers of this blog to keep it in mind that new reports are coming out daily.

In addition, no one has been brought to account by either Obama (the Obama’s administration’s seeming lack of interest in bringing those responsible to justice is another Obama scandal)  or heads (Hillary Clinton or John Kerry).  In fact, the State Department refused to adequately defend the American personnel in BENGHAZI.  In addition, the unwillingness of Hillary Clinton, since it was on her watch and her failure to oversee BENGHAZI, to truly take responsibility for what happened is really a scandal and she should not even be considered for President by the socialist/democratic Party!

C-130 Hercules transports are usually on alert at Ramstein AB in Germany.  However , bells did not go off to other duty officers around the globe or do we know if bells went off  to the Duty Officer in the White House Situation Room.   We do, however, know that those aerial assets, such as the C-130 (heck, they had time to launch non weaponed  drones) could have been launched within minutes in response to an assault 3-4 hours away, and, if they could have been launched, what other assets could also have been launched?  Why?

Were orders given and then rescinded to save the American personnel in BENGHAZI?  If they were rescinded, by whom, when, and on whose authority were they rescinded:

In my opinion, Valeria Jarrett, who has the ear of Obama and offers her opinions on several policies,fearing a Blackhawk down situation, suggested to Obama to issue stand down orders?   Thus, perhaps House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa could subpoena Valerie Jarrett (Obama’s special advisor)  to determine what the White House really knew about the night of September 11, 2012 since know one else does?


Should We Also Blame The Media For The Failures Of The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act which is also known as ObamaCare, was sold to the public by Obama and the socialist/democrats on the basis that you could keep your own policy and premiums would be more affordable by $2,500 per year.  In addition, Obama told the American people that they would keep their own doctors!

People like me were told that the new law would have no impact on our family coverage and that The Affordable Care Act would make health insurance more affordable for our families.  Well, as it turned out, it was just a lie to get the bill passed and for the American people to accept Obama’s law!  Of course, this is class 101  for socialism – lie to the public no matter what to get to the goal!

The above assumptions were never challenged by the media.  If they had been, then maybe the American people would have realized sooner that they were being lied to and played for suckers.  The assumptions were accepted as fact by a media since they had an interest in seeing Obama succeed.  The media let the American people down since they were either too lazy to read the bill, like those socialist/democrats who had passed the bill, or maybe because the media was just too partisan to blow it up before the reelection and thought it best to hide the facts from the American public!

I still in wonder why the American people still support the mainstream media!

In my opinion, the American people have not been well served by the mainstream media who have been unwilling to challenge the administration’s assumptions and to say screw you to the people!  In addition, if the media had done their job correctly, the Obama administration would have benefited by the more adversarial coverage (sticker shock, the insurance market will unravel in a “death spiral” of ever-higher premiums and fewer signups as expected, loss of doctors, etc. ).  They may have prevented some of the “glitches” and been very prepared for the “roll out”.  Thus, the mainstream media is really to blame also!

In the end, I think that Backus is correct when he said that ObamaCare looked like a train wreck!

REMEBER BENGHAZI & how Obama and his thugs tried covering up the terrorist attack from the American people (please post BENGHAZI story in all your posts)

Obama Is A LIAR

Obama and his administration will fall because of Obama’s disrespect for the truth.

Obama’s believes that the ends justify the means and lying in the past as been an instrument of government policy of political extremists throughout history.

Such means have been philosophical foundations of socialist/democrats which have been applied for despotic ends.

Thus, a morally “right” act or omission is one that will produce a “good” outcome from the standpoint of the socialist/democrats.

Thus, one can recognize the elite-led and state-dictated lies of socialist/democrats and communists in the sale and implementation of ObamaCare.

However, to Obama they are not lies.  Obama honestly believes the lies are “good” for the people.  He knows better than the American people.  To Obama, the lies are acceptable to use since he accomplishes something “good” by using them.  In other words, to Obama , it is OK to lie in order to achieve what you consider as an important aim, it is acceptable to do something bad.  Since the “right” what is considered “right” or “wrong” is determined by the outcome.

Obama does not necessarily believe what he is saying, but by saying it, he confirms the purity of his intentions through advancing his statist goals and revolutionary dreams.

The scope and gravity of the lies perpetrated by this administration e.g. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, and ObamaCare would have, long ago, been sufficient to force the resignation of a Republican president. Yet Obama and his people remain in office and are yet to be held accountable.

The Obama Administration lied about ObamaCare because it could.  Obama has always had the protection of his liberal base, the socialist/democratic Senate and, of course, the mainstream media, all of whom have dismissed or downplayed the scandals and have impeded aggressive investigations into them.

The collapse of the Obama agenda will soon arrive!  One can only hope that political leaders and journalists regain a respect for the truth before the country also collapses.

REMEMBER BENGHAZI & lies told by Obama & his thugs for the “GOOD” in Obama winning the 2012 election!

Where Is The Outrage Over The Iran Deal

While there are many are concerned about the recent deal with Iran in Geneva, you would think that more politicians and religious leaders would call out the Obama administration. Outside of Israel, American political leaders are restrained.

Many Americans assume that since an Iranian nuclear weapon is so blatantly a danger not only to Israel but to the U.S., the Middle East, and to Europe, that the U.S. and the other countries who struck this deal will provide proper surveillance. But, that most likely will not be the case with the United States being a weaken country under Obama! Many Americans are thinking that even though the Iranians are sneaky and cannot be trusted, the West will intercept and stop any real cheating and Iran will pay heavy consequences.

One must ask, “Can the West be fooled?”: You bet! Especially, Obama who wants a deal at any cost. Did you know that Obama is going to Tehran in 2014? “Al-Jarida has learned from a U.S. diplomat that President Barack Obama is seeking to visit Tehran in the middle of next year,” the report stated (outside US source – just like Obama’s 1st speech was in Egypt rather than the U.S. as President!).

The United States in recent years has been taken for a “Paper Tiger” around the world. Do you remember our defense of Georgia against Russia? I did not think so since there wasn’t any! In addition, we abandoned our defense missile systems in Poland. And our stockpile of ICBMs has been radically reduced. The military of the U.S. is being downsized and our troops are being withdrawn from Iraq, and Shi’ite (Iranian power) in Iraq has increased dramatically under Nouri Maliki during the past few years, as well as in Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, and possibly Libya.

In addition, we were not willing to send our own military to save our own ambassador in BENGHAZI or other Americans, thus, how can anyone think that we will defend Israel or any other so called friends in the international community? Obama, is willing to say FUCK YOU to our allies while making friends with those willing to hurt us!

Obama ideologically sees the U.S. military as basically a spearhead of capitalist imperialism, and thus believes that our military dominance is serving an exploitative motive. The inner circle of policymakers in the Obama administration sees the military mainly to prop up the capitalist worldwide hegemony.

To Obama and his thugs, if we are free to develop nuclear arms, then Iran should be free to as well. Just look at the latest peace deal where Iran agreed to curb its nuclear ambitions in exchange for the U.S. easing sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

There are evil powers in this world, evil powers of anti-Semitism that have been around for thousands of years. Obama has been anti Israel as well as anti Catholic (yet both groups in America support him!).


Why Obama Should Be Impeached

Obama should be impeached and convicted in my opinion. However, it will never happen since the senate is controlled by another CROOK, Harry Reid.

Nationally, we can only remove a president by either voting him out (in this case, Obama won the election by fraud!) or by impeachment and conviction.

Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution states that, “The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors”. Obama has abused or violated the public trust by going around Congress and breaking the laws and or Constitution. However, Obama knows he can get away with doing what he does because the senate will protect him!

In our country, both Houses of Congress and the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice are involved in the impeachment process. Article I, Section 2, paragraph 5 grants “the sole Power of Impeachment” to the House of Representatives (A simple majority vote suffices). However, Article I, Section 3, paragraph 5 declares that the Senate has “the sole Power to try all Impeachments,” needing a two thirds vote by the senate. Thus, Obama is really protected by the socialist/democrats led by Harry Reid (you know the gut that broke 225 years of tradition so that Obama could get his nominees on the judicial bench before the 2014 election!). In addition, the Constitution provides that the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice presides at a president’s trial.

Just what is “High Crimes and Misdemeanors'”? The term “high” signified a very serious crime. The phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors” boils down to abuses of power and misconduct in office. Well, isn’t that what Obama has committed?

Let’s see, why not make a brief list of Obama’s Impeachable Offenses.

Operation Fast and Furious knew nothing about it, yet was willing to provide Holder executive privilege (meaning Obama knew about it!)
drone attacks that murdered American citizens abroad
BENGHAZI fiasco and its aftermath, just to list four.

Other impeachable offenses, might include the IRS targeting of conservatives, DOJ spying on reporters, NSA spying on Americans with Obama’s blessing, maybe faking the unemployment numbers to be below 8%, cheating to win the election (over 100% turnout in many districts and people accepting the crime that they voted more than once and in swing states as well), delaying for one year Obamacare’s mandate that large businesses provide healthcare insurance for employees (making his own law while saying I do not need Congress to make laws), demanded that insurance companies rescind cancellation of pre-Obamacare health insurance policies (also against the law), Lying about citizens keeping their health insurance plans and doctors once Obamacare took effect, etc.

Of course, these are just what we know about the LIAR and CROOK! Unless Obama drastically changes his MO, which I doubt (he was in the process of having his law license revoke by the bar for LYING on his application – thus, Obama is a LIAR)!

I focus on Obama’s violation of the Constitution’s stipulation (Article II, section 3) that a president “shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed….”. However, we must not forget that Obama has also abused his power!

Never mind that Obama lied when he said that citizens could keep their health insurance policies and doctors once Obamacare took effect. And then was able to get the law passed and then had the balls to justify Obama’s lies (REMEMBER THE WORD “IF” – no one else does).

When it comes to taking care that “the Laws be faithfully executed,” however, Obama is liable as mentioned above! The Constitution does not permit a president (single-handedly) to change a law’s provision at his will.

Like it or not, Obamacare is the law because Obama was able to lie about it!

It is my opinion, that Obama’s decision to postpone Obamacare’s mandate that large businesses pay for employees’ healthcare violates the Constitution and that is “fix” does also. Since those decisions contravenes the Constitution’s requirement that a president take care that “the Laws be faithfully executed,”. Thus, Obama should be impeached, and convicted of the “high crime” of abuse of power. Of course, it will NEVER happen because the senate is controlled by another CROOK, Harry Reid. Thus, the senate must be flipped in 2014!

In addition, impeachment will never happen because of the following:

1. impeachment and conviction of a federal official rarely happen especially of a president! In fact, in the 225 years since the Constitution was ratified, only two presidents, Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998, have been impeached, but neither was convicted.

2. although the impeachment process is not supposed to be a partisan affair, it is decidedly political. This is how the senate comes in!

3. Obama is unlikely to be impeached is race. Although, Obama is screwing the Blacks, they still support him since he is one of their own!

4. The Washington D.C. Republicans would join with ruling class Socialist/Democrats to circle the wagons around Obama since they would not want to be called racists, the probability that he will remain in the White House until January 20, 2017 becomes a certainty.


Obama Is The Ideal Vision Of A Liberal Man To The Left

To those on the left, Obama is the ideal vision of Liberal Man — set the U.S. firmly on a progressive path, and give out lots of free stuff (from “Obama’s stash,” as one admirer put it.)

Conservatives, on the other hand, see Obama as a demonic figure, the community organizer with zero management experience, a Muslim-communist with a plan to destroy the U.S. and the Western world as a whole.

If you take a look at Obama’s record, finance, the economy, employment, energy, healthcare, foreign relations, etc. in each case, Obama has taken the liberal agenda and made liberalism equal with “big” government and failure!

Take ObamaCare for example. ObamaCare has been a fiasco that will cause more damage than any other government sponsored operation since the heyday of the Marxist dictatorships in the mid-20th century. ObamaCare is literally disrupting hundreds of millions of lives. I’m sure there will be thousands who will die prematurely. In addition, I’m sure that there will be thousands who will be crippled or dogged by easily treated disorders. I’m also sure that millions will suffer serious economic stress. The so called Obama “fix” is just a political show for the people that will have zero effect!

When it comes crashing down, the media will fall dead silent and Obama will be out of office saying “see you suckers” while Obama tees off!

ObamaCare was put into effect just as its models in the UK, Canada, and Australia were in the midst of collapse, and several years after Sweden began desperately privatizing its national healthcare program to avoid a collapse. ObamaCare is a system that cannot be repaired, cannot operate without the cooperation of people who have already been cheated, and cannot be replaced. ObamaCare needs to be REPEALED!

Liberalism long ago ceased being able to exist on its own terms and instead adapts practices, ideas, and goals from some of the most repellent ideologies in human history. Today it is radical Islam, which liberals take as being identical to Islam as a whole. Liberals believe that we should “learn to live with” people who shoot schoolgirls, burn off the features of young women with acid, torture and behead people whose crimes amount to questioning passages of the Koran, and murder thousands of innocents of other creeds and backgrounds for no other reason than sheer spite. In the meantime, liberals expect us to forget about Christianity while school textbooks are carefully cleansed of any mention of Christianity and detailed accounts of the “contributions” of Islam to the West suddenly show up!

Remember, Obama is culturally Islamic (no way he could not be, having spent his formative years, even attending an Islamic school, in an Islamic country, Indonesia). Obama’s leaning toward Islam has been expressed variously in claims that Islam forms an “important part” of American culture and that Islam has made endless “historical contributions” to the United States in addition to screwing our allies!

Obama has bent over backwards by making covert efforts to provide the Islamic world more terrorists, more power to the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. Thus, we have seen Libya descend into chaos, with an American ambassador and members of his staff paying the ultimate price (BENGHAZI), and Egypt, the leading Arab power and a firm ally of the United States, almost overturned on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood. And let us not forget the Syrians, the United States has found itself supporting “rebels” who tear out living hearts and eat them while all the wile providing military aid on the side.

The Obama administration is even now negotiating a treaty with Iran. Although, the details of this effort remain vague and is being negotiated by John Kerry (traitor), the first version was spineless enough that even the French were against it!

Many Middle Eastern leaders can tell you that cooperation with Obama is the mark of doom and that is why our Middle Eastern allies do not want to cooperate with us while Obama is still around. Obama’s responsibility for the deaths of Jews and other Middle Eastern people will be direct result of Obama trying to provide “Pease in our time” at any cost!

Obama has also destroyed what has stood as the last hope of liberalism since the New Deal. Once the liberals have blown things up, they turn to the GOP to fix it and make it work. In the past, Eisenhower acted as conservator of the New Deal and Nixon was the savior of the Great Society. Obama, however, with his lies, his insults, and his huge ego, has ruined that. While there are plenty of Republicans who would come to his aid such as McCain, Graham, Ayotte, and Rubio, to mention only a few, they can not. These Republicans can not since the party rank and file is infuriated and the tea parties, led by Ted Cruz, will not let them!

The slowdown of liberalism will be Obama’s great contribution to the American people in USA.