Is Obama Creating His Own Martial-law-ready Military?

I ask this question because of the strange happenings in the armed forces since Barack Obama took office.

It can be said that our armed forces in the past have been a bastion of conservatism and Christian faith. In addition, generally speaking, its members are not very fond of Obama. Thus, if you are a left winger like Obama, you would go about changing this, don’t you think?

The Obama administration has given a sped affirmative action in the military, promoting minorities and women in addition to homosexuals and lesbians. By the way, think of this, isn’t this yet another reason why Obama wanted homosexuals to be able to serve openly?

I know that one way to change the military’s political climate is the same way you do it in the nation at large. The anti vet stance is a good example!

Demographic manipulation.

White men generally vote Republican, white military men even more so, and white military men who are practicing Christians. Minorities, women, atheists, etc., on the other hand, are reliable liberal constituencies.

Thus, Obama in my opinion is creating a military climate friendly toward groups that are his constituencies and hostile toward those that are not. Just look at Obama’s actions since the shutdown.

In addition, Obama, is also clamping down on Christian expression. Especially, in the military! In addition, Obama let the public know that as far as homosexuality goes, the armed services are open. Obama has also forced military personnel to be politically correct not just about sexuality, but also Islam and NOT Christianly.

Obam’s goal to create a situation in which traditionalists will be encouraged to leave the military or not enlist in the first place. That’s why Obama like screwing the military and those that have served our country

By during the above, it can ensure a few things:

1. The number of leftist in the armed forces will be as great as possible.

2. As many of the rest as possible will be apolitical, mind-numbed types who would NOT question unconstitutional orders.

3. The remaining traditionalists would be outnumbered by the first two groups and in a do not ask do not tell predicament. And having been denied promotions, they would have little institutional power.

To this end, Obama has also started to replace as many generals as possible with those I believed would do his bidding (Obama has already gotten control of many government agencies, including the IRS).

By the way, the above things, are already things Barack Obama has already done.

Thus, on e might ask, “what kind of leader wants a military more loyal to himself than to the rule of law?”

Whatever your conclusions, I would not put anything past Obama and his leftist views! Given that Obama is a shadowy figure with a penchant for hiding his past (college records, etc.); his anti military/vet past; that he has had avowed communists in his administration (Van Jones, Anita Dunn); that he seemed to belong to Chicago’s socialist New Party in the 1990s; and his dislike for the American people by screwing them whenever he can (Shutdown is a “good” example) one’s imagination can conjure up some interesting scenarios.



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