Fake Obama Enrollments are Just Like Is Fake Voter Tutnouts

Secretary Siebelius goes  before Congress and she cannot explain a word.  She tells everyone that  thousands are going to the web site,signing up but she cannot say a word  about premiums or whom is signing up!  This lady should thank GOD that she does not have a real job and works for another CROOK and LIAR!  She would  have lost it many weeks ago if she had a real job.

Siebelius reminds me of what the left does to gain control and force their policies on the rest of the people.  As far as I’m concerned, Obama lost the election and STOLE it, but many on the left do not know math and say that voter turnout that exceed 100% is not stealing an election.  Yet, their were many swing states as well as cities that showed over 104% voter turnout for Obama.  In fact, one dumb ass in Cincey bragged on national TV that she had voted 6 times since she wanted to make sure her vote counted – of course, the left say that this person and her actions never existed!

And of course, who can forget the lies told by Obama and his thugs regarding, BENGHAZI, the IRS, NSA spying, attorney general spying on reporters, fast & furious (a program that Obama claimed he did not know, but used executive

Secretary Siebelius goes  before Congress and she cannot explain a word.  She tells everyone that  thousands are going to the web site, signing up but she cannt say a word  about premiums security or who signed up.

This is just like the left.  Do whatever it takes to control the people – even IF IT MEANS LYING.  Siebelius and OBAMA, especially Obama, will say anything.

Heck, I do not even know why Obama gets paid since he does not know how corrupt his administration is (BENGHAZI, IRS, SPYING ON AMERICANS, ACTIONS OF DOJ,  WHAT’s THE CONSTITUTION OR WHO NEEDS TO FOLLOW THE LAW, etc).

REMEMBER BENGHAZI and lies told to the people to cover up the terrorist attack that killed an ambassador and other Americans (please post BENGHAZI story before Obama gets his way and the people forget)


Is Obama Being Played By Iran

Although, Iran is supposedly willing to listen to Obama, Iran is still sticking it to the United States. Obama thinks that it is OK since Iran is willing to talk!
However, in the past few weeks, Iran has put shit on Obama’s face by doing the following:

1. Iran would not meet with Obama at the UN – not even to shake hands

2. Iran has been helping Syria and will continue

3. Iran hacked U.S. Navy computers

4. And today we learned that Israel caught an Iranian spy who was taking photos of the U.S. embassy and intended to establish business ties in the Jewish state as a cover for espionage

When will Obama learn from lessons past that Iran cannot be trusted and funds terrorists groups. In fact, Iran is known worldwide as a funding state for terrorists groups. Iran, has either been involved or founded the following terrorists groups:

1. Abdullah Azzam Shaheed Brigade

2. Abu Nidal Organization

3. Abu Sayyaf

4. al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades

5. al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya

6. al-Qaeda

7. al-Qaeda in Iraq

8. al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

9. al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

10. Al-Shabaab

11. Ansar al-Islam

12. Army of Islam

13. Osbat al-Ansar

14. Aum Shinrikyo

15. Caucasus Emirate

16. Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan

17. Continuity Irish Republican Army

18. ETA

19. Hamas

20. Haqqani network

21. Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami

22. Harkat-al-Jihad al-Islami in Bangladesh

23. Hezbollah

24. Indian Mujahideen

25. Islamic Jihad Union

26. Indian Mujahideen

27. Islamic Jihad Union

27. Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan

28. Jaish-e-Mohammed

29. Jemaah Islamiyah

30. Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid

31. Kach and Kahane Chai

32. Kata’ib Hezbollah

33. Libyan Islamic Fighting Group

34. Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group

35. National Liberation Army

36. Palestine Liberation Front

37. Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine

38. Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

39. Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command

The above are organizations currently officially designated as terrorist by the U.S. government in the Middle East. Iran supports about 50% of them and Obama supports about 25% of them.

Netanyahu is due to meet Obama on Monday and will most likely point out to Obama what a fool Iran is making of him. Netanyahu will then address the U.N. General Assembly the next day, most likely to try to counter what the Israeli leader called “sweet talk” by Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, on reaching a pact with the West to settle the nuclear issue