Is The Liberal Media Turning On Obama

Obama is facing challenges not only from Congressional Republicans but also from factions within the Democratic Party and among the liberal media.

Liberals have been openly criticizing Obama’s proposed use of force in Syria, his willingness to reduce entitlement benefits and his support for awarding the Fed chairmanship to Larry Summers, who was forced to withdraw from the running because of the Democratic uproar. And the liberal media agrees!

“What the American people want now is a Fed chairman prepared to stand up to the greed, recklessness and illegal behavior on Wall Street, not a Wall Street insider whose deregulation efforts helped pave the way for a horrendous financial crisis and the worst economic downturn in the country since the Great Depression,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont who caucuses with the Democrats, in a written statement Sunday.

The withdrawal of Larry Summers for the Fed chairman was seen as a blow for the president, signaling his inability to keep the party unified behind him.

“To me the lesson is lame duck-ism. Whenever a president projects weakness, it affects both parties,” , said Larry Sabato, “His own troops are more likely to say ‘every man for himself’…and the other party, which is opposed anyway, sees this as a sign they will pay no price for opposing the president.” Thus, now is a nice time to defund ObamaCare which most Americans are against anyway!

The President also has been enduring some of the toughest and widespread media criticism of his presidency in recent months.

Time magazine political columnist and moderate Joe Klein, for example, told Politico’s Dylan Byers that the president’s public pronouncements on Syria are “inexplicable and perplexing and stunning.”

“Obama has lost some serious altitude: In the world, with the Congress, and most importantly with the American people,” he said.

Even Media Matters for America, the liberal watchdog group that monitors conservatives has pointed out that there has been a new level of hostility directed towards Obama.

Obama suggested in an interview with ABC News that aired this past Sunday that he would be willing to make adjustments to Social Security and Medicare. Liberal Democrats would likely reject that plan unless there were also measures such as a tax increase on the wealthiest taxpayers.

The shift in media coverage started with revelations of the National Security Agency’s secret surveillance programs. No one likes to be spyed on! In addition, media started turning on Obama with the Justice Department’s monitoring of journalists. The Obama administration’s use of drones, the IRS’ targeting of conservative organizations (which never seems to end since at least weekly we find another scandal), and ongoing questions about the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist raid on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, has added fuel to the fire of criticism.

“Many in the media made an investment in Barack Obama in 2008, and they want ROI (return on investment),” said S.E. Cupp, the conservative co-host of CNN’s Crossfire, told Politico.

I think the media understandably took on a more skeptical posture, she added “When he proved to disappoint in many areas — transparency and civil liberties, most notably!

In a column responding to Politico’s take on the media’s new anti-Obama stance, Tom Blumer of NewsBusters, which monitors liberal media bias, wrote, “Thanks, Dylan Byers. You’ve done those who recognize liberal establishment press bias as an irrefutable reality a big favor.”

The big takeaway from the Byers column, Blumer noted, “is that Politico’s media reporter has admitted that the establishment press, by virtue of its having recently ‘turned’ on President Obama, has been in the tank for him up until now.”

Thus, maybe the liberal media has awaken to what Obama has done to America!


2 thoughts on “Is The Liberal Media Turning On Obama

  1. No, really, they aren’t. They instantly jumped on the anti-gun bandwagon yesterday even before it was confirmed that bastard was dead, and unconfirmed whether or not there were still as many as two other shooters out there. No, they aren’t turning against him. Try reading some of the tripe they publish.

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