Duck Dynasty’s, Phil Robertson, Flap

Phil Robertson’s of Duck Dynasty’s recent comments on homosexuality has drawn fire from the fags and those on the left who hate Christians and believe in secularism!  It can also be said that A&E’s reaction to the patriarch’s remarks reveals that they can be swayed by those liberals that do not believe in Christian principals.  Thus, perhaps those that believe in God and the bible should tell A&E where to stick it and avoid watching their channel!

The recent comments reveal a couple of issues showing that the left are hypocrites!

One is that free speech is not free unless people have the right to say things that might offend others.   In addition, free speech is only “good” for those on the left.  Take, Martin Bashir comments on MSNBS, who thought Sarah Palin should be subjected to having someone defecate in her mouth for suggesting debt equals servitude.  Those on the left did not say a word.  Phil Robertson’s comments may have been crude, but the Duck Dynasty star has the right to express his private religious opinion without fear of losing his job.

The show was wildly popular, reaching up to 14 million viewers.  In fact, it was the number 1 reality TV show!  It turned out millions of Americans loved the Robertson family and Phil Robertson – check out Facebook & Twitter for outright support.  And I’m sure that A&E loved the money.

However, A&E was first against the Robertson family praying at the dinner table after every episode nor they  the producers like the mention of God or Jesus Christ.  In addition, the producers thought that the Robertson family not using cuss words (in fact, the producers used faked beeps as if a cuss word had been used.  And now because Phil’s Christian values against gays has been said, he is fired!

However, I’m sure that A&E loves the money.  Once again, why don’t we tell A&E to shove it and see how fast we can get their cable ratings down as well as their lost of MONEY!


My guess is that the producers of Duck Dynasty never thought the public would love everyone in the Robertson clan for who they are and for what the Robertson clan represent.  As A&E is finding out (as well as the left), there is a huge audience in America, and not just the South, that like the values the Robertson family holds to.

In the meantime,the flapd continues with most people supporting Phil Robertson and his Christian values.

Thus, I offer my suggestions to the cast of Duck Dynasty:

Quit – all of you, it’s not worth the money.  Besides, you have enough!

If you do not quit, join some other, less politically correct producers than those on A&E.  Many would be happy to endorse and run your show.  Heck, the Blaze has already offed!