Ed Schultz, MSNBS Political Hack, Receiving Big Bucks From Unions

Does the MSNBC have any  journalistic ethics guidelines at all by allowing it’s hosts to receive large amounts of money from an interest group, like the various unions that he covers?

I always suspected Ed Schultz of being a political hack and talking out of his rear end.  But, now it has been shown and yet MSNBC is apparently OK with Ed Schultz accepting large amounts of money from unions.

Of course, it goes without saying that MSNBC is fine with the setup since they even have a program for the liar and crook, Sharpton!

Since Schultz is not a lawyer and provides political activities for the very same unions that have paid him over $300,000 in the past few years (Schultz  received at least $177,000 from labor unions in 2012; the average median  income for an American family is around $44,000 a year.   This  year alone the DOL shows Schultz has been paid $75,000  by the AFL-CIO; just yesterday AFL-CIO  Richard Trumka appeared on The Ed Show. 

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Obama Is A LIAR

Obama and his administration will fall because of Obama’s disrespect for the truth.

Obama’s believes that the ends justify the means and lying in the past as been an instrument of government policy of political extremists throughout history.

Such means have been philosophical foundations of socialist/democrats which have been applied for despotic ends.

Thus, a morally “right” act or omission is one that will produce a “good” outcome from the standpoint of the socialist/democrats.

Thus, one can recognize the elite-led and state-dictated lies of socialist/democrats and communists in the sale and implementation of ObamaCare.

However, to Obama they are not lies.  Obama honestly believes the lies are “good” for the people.  He knows better than the American people.  To Obama, the lies are acceptable to use since he accomplishes something “good” by using them.  In other words, to Obama , it is OK to lie in order to achieve what you consider as an important aim, it is acceptable to do something bad.  Since the “right” what is considered “right” or “wrong” is determined by the outcome.

Obama does not necessarily believe what he is saying, but by saying it, he confirms the purity of his intentions through advancing his statist goals and revolutionary dreams.

The scope and gravity of the lies perpetrated by this administration e.g. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, and ObamaCare would have, long ago, been sufficient to force the resignation of a Republican president. Yet Obama and his people remain in office and are yet to be held accountable.

The Obama Administration lied about ObamaCare because it could.  Obama has always had the protection of his liberal base, the socialist/democratic Senate and, of course, the mainstream media, all of whom have dismissed or downplayed the scandals and have impeded aggressive investigations into them.

The collapse of the Obama agenda will soon arrive!  One can only hope that political leaders and journalists regain a respect for the truth before the country also collapses.

REMEMBER BENGHAZI & lies told by Obama & his thugs for the “GOOD” in Obama winning the 2012 election!

Should the NSA spy on our allies?

The NSA is spying not only on our enemies but on our allies as well. It now appears some countries have taken issue with U.S. surveillance techniques and are calling for a U.N. resolution to scale back NSA spying capabilities to protect privacy of citizens in their home states under their own home legislation.

From what I’ve been reading nobody seems to care, not even the media! Not even Obama! Obama is even involved.

Today’s headlines read: Report: President knew of NSA spying on Merkel, OK’d it. In addition to spying on Americans, Obama now thinks he has the right to spy on our allies!


Is Obama That Dumb That He Thinks He Can Tell The People That He NEVER Knows Anything

Obama thinks that he can fool the American people in thinking that he knew nothing about the scandals such as BENGHAZI, IRS, Fast & Furious, etc. and now that the health care site was messed up. Does he really think that the American people are that dumb?

The Obama administration is trying to get out in front of the Obamacare rollout disaster story, attempting to shift the narrative to 1) blame Republicans for the fiasco, and 2) absolve the president of any responsibility for the rollout. Obama knows nothing!

Obama’s latest effort was to make HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius available for an interview with that bulldog of a reporter at CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Dr. Gupta is a nice person who just happens to be a big supporter of Obamacare.

Sebelius was give her canned responses per being told by Obama to Gupta’s questions when Sebelius dropped a jaw dropper; President Obama was unaware of problems with healthcare.gov before the site went live on October 1. My ass! Why are Obama’s thugs protecting him?

Obama did NOT know of problems with the Affordable Care Act’s website despite being his top program! In addition, many insurance companies complain as well as the site’s crashing during a test run. Sebelius had the nerve to tell Dr. Gupta during the interview that it was in “the first couple of days” after the site went live October 1 that Obama found out that the health care site was not working. I bet!

Even Dr. Gupta could NOT believe it!

Obama knows that no one in the mainstream media is going to call him out for this blatant lie. In addition, the media will forget to question how it is that the White House was told repeatedly as far back as March that there were monumental technical problems with the website and no one bothered to tell the him, who supposedly the boss!

As with all the other instances where Obama claims he was in the dark, and got his info from the newspapers, it smells!

1. Benghazi. Obama claims he was unaware of Ambassador Stevens’ desperate requests for additional security despite his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton being intimately involved in the decision to turn those requests down. And now it turns out her state department leaked classified info to the New York Times!

2. IRS. The first he heard of his IRS targeting conservatives was from news reports the day the story broke. Although, the White House counsel being briefed on the problem two weeks prior to that and emails now show that the White House was communicating on the targeting prior to the election!

3. The Petraeus affair. The Obama claimed he knew nothing of the investigation into his CIA chief until after the election despite his Attorney General ordering the FBI to conduct the probe. Did Obama use his NSA to spy on Petraeus in order for him to resign since Petraeus refused to go along with Obama’s BENGHAZI story line?

4. Obamacare. The Obama claims he never knew of problems with the computer system until after the rollout despite insurance companies, outside IT contractors, and his own team warning of catastrophe.

5. NSA Spying. He did not know that the agency was spying on Americans. However, he is now OK with that. In fact, Peter King, a Republican conservative agrees with Obama, is that because Obama has the “good” on him also!

6. Fast & Furious. Obama once again claimed he knew nothing. However, Obama must have known something since he issued an executive privilege order to protect Holder!

Do we see a pattern that is developing here? Obama is the most uninformed president in history. Or, Obama is a boldfaced liar. In my opinion, it is that Obama is a LIAR! Every potentially embarrassing scandal finds our Obama totally in the dark, betrayed by incompetent (or criminal) aides and advisors. How can it be Obama’s fault if he didn’t know? My question, once again, is how & why, is Obama protected by this thugs? Does he have the “good” on them all!

A funny thing about the Obama’s ignorance is that no aide or advisor has ever been fired for incompetently keeping Obama out of the loop. This fact alone, shows an appalling lack of leadership by Obama. Generally, heads roll for not being able to do your job and generally will not be tolerated. However, in the Obama White House, incompetence is not only tolerated, but forgiven!

So much for accountability in Obama’s administration. Transparency in the Obama government has been thrown under the bus long ago.

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Obama’s Shutdown And The American People

Obama does not want the American people to see what classes he took or his grades, most likely because the classes were socialist type. That is why when Obama first got in Chicago politics he was a socialist (New Party) and hung out with other socialist.

Obama does not seem to have bothered to study the political classics that tell a political leader why he should avoid dividing his people and avoid creating scapegoats. Instead, he has led the democratic party more to the socialist/democratic party.

And in an interview on NPR, Obama has said that “I shouldn’t have to offer anything.” In fact, Obama keeps telling everyone that he is not will to negotiate. Obama even has phoned Boehner to tell him he does not want to talk right now and does not want to negotiate with the Republican. Some kind of leader!

I must agree with Glenn Beck that Obama’s is acting more of a dictator during the government shutdown that he and Reid caused. Just a few of the items that Obama and Reid have added to screw the American people:
1. Treatments for children suffering from cancer

2. World War II Memorial and other memorials are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They do not have a staff to it. Most of these memorials are maintained with private financing

3. Then there is the furloughed military chaplains who are not allowed to work for free so that soldiers can attend mass

4. In the Florida Keys small businesses, hunters, and commercial fishermen can no longer practice their trade since Obama has tried to close down the ocean (Florida Bay).

5. The American Forces Network so that the soldiers cannot watch the NFL or other shows.

6. A self‑sustaining colonial farm that has not received a dime of government money since 1980 has been closed for the first time in 40 years.

7. Obama has forced residents (Lake Mead) out of their private homes.

8. They are now blocking access to trails, roads, and programs at South Dakota’s most popular attraction Mt. Rushmore. Many scenic pull outs are blocked also. The list could go on and on. Of course, Obama’s golf course is NOT closed since that does NOT affect the people!

When Obama says he should not have to negotiate he is saying that he does not want to pay for the costs he is imposing on the minority. This is a rule that can be found in Alinsky’s Rules! Another trait showing that Obama says to the American people like is help line – 1-800- F***You!

Other socialist traits used by Obama to divide Americans might include:
1. Riling up the laid-off steelworkers in the 1980s in South Chicago

2. Using to ACORN in the 1990s riling up the folks against banks so that the banks would be forced to lend to deadbeats – START OF CREDIT CRISIS & THE ECONOMY GOING SOUTH!

3. And, of course, you have Obama riling up the Democratic base and refusing to negotiate on the federal budget. Thus, you never really negotiate, and you never really solve anything; but you sure manage to destroy trust and divide the American people and the nation (hope & change).

Arthur Brooks writes that “great leaders negotiate and own the consequences.” He quotes Winston Churchill: “The price of greatness is responsibility.” Obama is neither!

Democrats And Obama: The People Must Be Punished

The Left claims that their lives are consumed with concern for their fellow man and that their mission in life is to improve its lot and that everyone should be equal with the wealth spread around to everyone. The best way to do this is to take your money, your freedom and your soul. Thus, socialism!

The logic of socialism is that the “general will” is manifested in one leader. Thus, socialism, which is allegedly the dispersion of power to every individual, in practice becomes the centralization of power in a single leader. In our country, who better is it than to make Obama the supreme leader. After all, he knows more about socialism than most people. Obama was a socialist (member of New Party) when he fist got into Chicago politics. And he is now the leader of the socialist/democratic party!

So, we have the leader of utopia (Castro in Cuba, Kim Jong Il in North Korea) and we have the masses below. The Leader loves the people generally. In Obama’s case, he has condemn for the American people. In Germany during Hitler’s time, Hitler never slept because while Germans were sleeping, Hitler was watching over them. In America’s case, Obama has the NSA watch over the American people.

But the day comes when the people must be punished since the people disappoint the Leader. In America, we have arrived at that point with Obama!

The people in America are not living up to the greatness of Obama. Thus, the people must be punished. That is why the government has closed outdoor memorials, road turnouts, and is has closed the ocean – Florida Bay.

It is time now for the American people to say enough and rise up! The agencies involved are not doing their duty to the Constitution, but rather to their immediate superiors who are ordering them to act against the interest of the public not in its interest. You know, like Nazi Germany! There is no public interest in closing the open air war memorials, or the ocean south of Florida. There is no legitimacy to these enforcements and the police should have refused the orders.

The government under Obama and his thugs are now turning on the people. Even if it is temporarily, it is an abrogation of the president’s oath to the Constitution. Although, we all know that Obama does not believe in following the Constitution!

It is punishment. And it MUST stop now and NOT in 2014!

Why Do liberals Always Think They Are Right

Generally liberal policies have hurt the country. Just in the last century alone, we been in World War 1 and 2, we’ve been in the Korean War and Vietnam. And, of course, that big worldwide anti American organization that exists because of American money, the United Nations! Finally, let us not forget the war on poverty which has increased over the years to 15 percent – record 46.5 million Nope. A sampling of recent news stories shows that liberals are as messed up as ever.

First, of course, is the murder of 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard by Aaron Alexis. Before the dust had even cleared and actual EVIDENCE was gathered, liberals in the media and in Washington were going after the gun and not the murderer. The New York Daily News and CNN jumped at the chance to say that “once again” an AR-15 “assault rifle” was used in the killings. Of course, they had to walk back their facts which were incorrect. Why do people still watch those news outlets since they always seem to get their facts wrong?

Why do liberals want to promote gun free zones or add gun control laws. Heck, isn’t Chicago and Washington D.C. enough proof! In addition, don’t liberals see that promoting “gun free” zones means the only person who will have a gun is the bad guy. Especially, a military base! Do liberals want all Americans be made into easy targets?

Next there is the topic of racism in America. Everyone who does not hold the view of the liberals is considered a racist. We have liberal politicians including Obama jumping on the Trayvon Martin bandwagon simply because Trayvon was black. Yet, the facts did not matter and neither did the evidence did not matter. A black person had died at the hands of a white person who was really was not white. And yet, when there is story after story of black on white violence or black on black violence, the left wing politicians (Jackson and Sharpton come to mind) and the media are silent. Why do liberals keep silent?

It seems like liberals want to feel good about themselves regardless of the consequences. Does it ever occur to them that creating an atmosphere in which one race (any race) can feel like they can do anything and the media and politicians will be on their side could have devastating consequences?

Todd Starnes at Fox News wrote this week on his experience with the left while he was tweeting about the Miss America pageant. When Miss Kansas was eliminated from the competition, Starnes tweeted: “The liberal Miss America judges won’t say this – but Miss Kansas lost because she actually represented American values.” This, by the way was tweeted about 5 minutes before CNN blasted him for not supporting a

CNN and other outlets went nuts. They claimed that tweets from Starnes and others represented a racist attack on the the pageant winner, Miss New York who is of Indian decent. Remember, Starnes’ comments were made BEFORE the winner was crowned!

In addition, the increasing use of profanity and vulgarity in so-called “entertainment.” There is nothing like taking the kids to see a super-hero movie — they are all rated PG-13 these days — and hearing someone tell someone else in the movie to “F*** Off!”

You hear it over and over again. It turns out that the motion pictures “standards” — compiled by a group of left wingers — indicate that using the word F*** is ok as long as it does not refer to a sexual reference. And then they wonder why people do not go to the movies anymore!

Fox News reports that the new Britney Spears song using the “b-word” no less than 15 times. Using curse words in pop songs does not show off artistic talent, it shows lack of creativity.

The question is, why do liberals keep changing the standards so that there are fewer and fewer standards?

The mind of a liberal, they are always right and they have no standards. Liberals pay little attention to the people they say they are helping. If you can figure them out, you are certainly smarter than I am.