Obama Is The Ideal Vision Of A Liberal Man To The Left

To those on the left, Obama is the ideal vision of Liberal Man — set the U.S. firmly on a progressive path, and give out lots of free stuff (from “Obama’s stash,” as one admirer put it.)

Conservatives, on the other hand, see Obama as a demonic figure, the community organizer with zero management experience, a Muslim-communist with a plan to destroy the U.S. and the Western world as a whole.

If you take a look at Obama’s record, finance, the economy, employment, energy, healthcare, foreign relations, etc. in each case, Obama has taken the liberal agenda and made liberalism equal with “big” government and failure!

Take ObamaCare for example. ObamaCare has been a fiasco that will cause more damage than any other government sponsored operation since the heyday of the Marxist dictatorships in the mid-20th century. ObamaCare is literally disrupting hundreds of millions of lives. I’m sure there will be thousands who will die prematurely. In addition, I’m sure that there will be thousands who will be crippled or dogged by easily treated disorders. I’m also sure that millions will suffer serious economic stress. The so called Obama “fix” is just a political show for the people that will have zero effect!

When it comes crashing down, the media will fall dead silent and Obama will be out of office saying “see you suckers” while Obama tees off!

ObamaCare was put into effect just as its models in the UK, Canada, and Australia were in the midst of collapse, and several years after Sweden began desperately privatizing its national healthcare program to avoid a collapse. ObamaCare is a system that cannot be repaired, cannot operate without the cooperation of people who have already been cheated, and cannot be replaced. ObamaCare needs to be REPEALED!

Liberalism long ago ceased being able to exist on its own terms and instead adapts practices, ideas, and goals from some of the most repellent ideologies in human history. Today it is radical Islam, which liberals take as being identical to Islam as a whole. Liberals believe that we should “learn to live with” people who shoot schoolgirls, burn off the features of young women with acid, torture and behead people whose crimes amount to questioning passages of the Koran, and murder thousands of innocents of other creeds and backgrounds for no other reason than sheer spite. In the meantime, liberals expect us to forget about Christianity while school textbooks are carefully cleansed of any mention of Christianity and detailed accounts of the “contributions” of Islam to the West suddenly show up!

Remember, Obama is culturally Islamic (no way he could not be, having spent his formative years, even attending an Islamic school, in an Islamic country, Indonesia). Obama’s leaning toward Islam has been expressed variously in claims that Islam forms an “important part” of American culture and that Islam has made endless “historical contributions” to the United States in addition to screwing our allies!

Obama has bent over backwards by making covert efforts to provide the Islamic world more terrorists, more power to the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. Thus, we have seen Libya descend into chaos, with an American ambassador and members of his staff paying the ultimate price (BENGHAZI), and Egypt, the leading Arab power and a firm ally of the United States, almost overturned on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood. And let us not forget the Syrians, the United States has found itself supporting “rebels” who tear out living hearts and eat them while all the wile providing military aid on the side.

The Obama administration is even now negotiating a treaty with Iran. Although, the details of this effort remain vague and is being negotiated by John Kerry (traitor), the first version was spineless enough that even the French were against it!

Many Middle Eastern leaders can tell you that cooperation with Obama is the mark of doom and that is why our Middle Eastern allies do not want to cooperate with us while Obama is still around. Obama’s responsibility for the deaths of Jews and other Middle Eastern people will be direct result of Obama trying to provide “Pease in our time” at any cost!

Obama has also destroyed what has stood as the last hope of liberalism since the New Deal. Once the liberals have blown things up, they turn to the GOP to fix it and make it work. In the past, Eisenhower acted as conservator of the New Deal and Nixon was the savior of the Great Society. Obama, however, with his lies, his insults, and his huge ego, has ruined that. While there are plenty of Republicans who would come to his aid such as McCain, Graham, Ayotte, and Rubio, to mention only a few, they can not. These Republicans can not since the party rank and file is infuriated and the tea parties, led by Ted Cruz, will not let them!

The slowdown of liberalism will be Obama’s great contribution to the American people in USA.



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