Ed Schultz, MSNBS Political Hack, Receiving Big Bucks From Unions

Does the MSNBC have any  journalistic ethics guidelines at all by allowing it’s hosts to receive large amounts of money from an interest group, like the various unions that he covers?

I always suspected Ed Schultz of being a political hack and talking out of his rear end.  But, now it has been shown and yet MSNBC is apparently OK with Ed Schultz accepting large amounts of money from unions.

Of course, it goes without saying that MSNBC is fine with the setup since they even have a program for the liar and crook, Sharpton!

Since Schultz is not a lawyer and provides political activities for the very same unions that have paid him over $300,000 in the past few years (Schultz  received at least $177,000 from labor unions in 2012; the average median  income for an American family is around $44,000 a year.   This  year alone the DOL shows Schultz has been paid $75,000  by the AFL-CIO; just yesterday AFL-CIO  Richard Trumka appeared on The Ed Show. 

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