Remember BENGHAZI And Hillary

Lately there have been renewed calls for congressional hearings and that means trouble for both Obama and Hillary Clinton. As a result, the House Intelligence Committee recently heard classified testimony from five eye-witnesses to the events of 9/11/12 showing that both Obama and Hillary lied (although most Americans know that they are both LIARS!).

Based on testimony recently given to the House Intelligence Committee that when Tyrone Woods and his team arrived they found one agent in the closet of the consulate and others unarmed.

Those statements given at the hearing contradict earlier reporting and “official” accounts and mean that in my opinion that absolutely nothing in earlier reporting and “official” accounts can be believed and, sadly, Admiral Mullen, co-author of State’s ARB report, has been duped or is complicit in the lies. This means that Mr. Westmoreland’s revelations, point to the sad fact that prior testimony given to the House Intelligence Committee were all lies and the reporting on the event and all of the “official” accounts about the event are based on State Department “fabrications.”

Because of Mr. Westmoreland’s statements, there will be trouble for Hillary in the future regarding Hillary’s presidential aspirations.

I do NOT think Fox, the blogosphere, social media, etc. will permit Hillary’s hand-holders in the MSM to let the matter die. In fact, it has risen interest now in most Americans sine they now know that both Obama and Hillary Clinton are LIARS!

In fact, I would NOT be surprised if Obama’s thugs talked to CBS about their “60 Minutes” hit piece on BENGHAZI!

REMEMBER BENGHAZI and lies told by Obama prior to the election to show how incompetent he is – please post “REMEMBER BENGHAZI” in all YOUR post so that the people DO NOT forget!


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