Is America Headed To A One Party Rule

The Socialists/Democrats in the Senate voted to change the institution’s regulations related to the filibuster, thereby emasculating a political minority’s ability to thwart, or at least delay, majoritarian dictatorship on November 21st. Because of Harry Reid and the Socialist/Democrats, the Senate minority can no longer thwart the president’s nominations of judges to lesser federal courts or of executive department officials.

Although the filibuster can still be used in cases of nominations for the Supreme Court and of substantive legislation (which will most likely be changed – there’s even talk about now), the Senate’s historic power of “advise and consent” has been narrowed to just “consent” in many, perhaps most, cases. The Senate has been reduced to the president’s rubber stamp. If the Senate’s rules can be changed at the majority leader’s whim, what is to prevent them being altered again, even to the point of eliminating the filibuster, which used to be called “the soul of the Senate”? Is this change against the Constitution?

Harry Reid’s assault on representative government was probably an attempt to distract public opinion from ObamaCare. Will the Socialists/Democrats regret this change in the future? Yes, it makes it much easier to repeal ObamaCare! However, if this rule remains in place, American politics will be forever changed for the worse.

Initially, the rules in both houses of Congress allowed extended debate. Because the House grew, resort to filibuster fell out of use in 1842.

Thus, the House is considered much more a majoritarian institution than the Senate. In recent years, the minority party has been virtually powerless. In fact, it has been said that they might as well not show up!

Until November 21, the Senate’s rules — #XXII, specifically — permitted extended debate, which boils down to granting the right to a minority to hold up action on a bill or presidential nomination favored by a majority in the Senate.

Although the Senate once require a two-thirds majority to change the its rules, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in United States v. Ballin (1892) that a simple majority vote would suffice.

Reid and his backers can have cited that case to justify what they did on November 21. Reid and the Socialists/Democrats, along with Obama, bloviated about “majority rule” and “democracy” to buttress the move.

The question remains, what about the minority’s rights? Never mind that when the Socialist/Democrats took over the Senate after the 2006 midterm elections, Reid solemnly promised he would protect the minority’s rights. In addition, let us not forget that many of the more senior Democrat senators who voted with Reid on November 21 railed against the GOP then majority’s threats to use the “nuclear option” when the at the time Democrat minority thwarted confirmation votes on George W. Bush’s judicial nominees. Of course, at that time they claimed to worry about minority rights.

There will be practical political consequences of Reid’s change of Senate rules such as Socialist/Democrat senators from red states having to vote on Obama’s socialist judicial and executive branch nominees. If those senators vote against Obama’s nominees, then there is a “good” chance that the leftist special interest groups may primary them. If, on the other hand, they vote in favor, they risk openly flouting public opinion back home. In addition, by making it easier for an overbearing majority to pass major legislation without bipartisan support, Reid’s rule change will probably result in less stable government. It has been said that the new Senate rule means we have a full blown tyranny of the majority (one party rule – Obama and his supporters).

We must not forget that the Senate’s rule permitting extended debate was intended to be a formidable weapon against majority ruling the government and putting in place what their leader (in this case, Obama) wants. Then, do the American people once again get screwed if the majority backs a charismatic tyrant? Do the American people really want to be ruled by a dictator?



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