Can We Thank Obama For Ending Liberalism As We Know It

Obama’s signature achievement, the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), is in trouble with the American people. Thus, so is modern liberalism in my opinion.

ObamaCare has been a disastrous program for liberalism. First, the messed up rollout. Then, a small extension for people to sign up to avoid the penalties (extension will be extended – REMEMBER, Obama & Reid fought against a 1 year delay and caused shutdown!). And, of course, let us not forget the almost million insurance cancellations which is expected to grow (expect by the end of the year to be 50% of those without insurance – reason give why ObamaCare). In addition, there is the so called “sticker shock” of prices and deductibles as well as the lack of enrollments!

The warnings given by conservatives about ObamaCare are being vindicated while Obama’s lies about ObamaCare are making Obama less creditable to the American public! In addition, it is looking like Obama lies are gaining on him and that Obama is helpless to fix the problems!

For most Americans, the downside of ObamaCare will end up affecting them and the liberal policies such as ObamaCare will shed more light on the failed liberal policies of the left. Americans will finally that ObamaCare was not created to manage the health insurance sector.

This major failure, in my opinion, will have major political ramifications for liberalism since health care is at least 50 years long a liberal dream! Why, you ask? Well, ObamaCare is the avatar of modern liberalism. ObamaCare represents the ambition to centralize decision making and
the liberals belief that big government knows best!

In my opinion, the socialists/democrats and Obama own this program. Liberalism will end up doing significant and sustained damage to itself, to public confidence in big government, and to the welfare state! Who knows, Obama may turn out to be the best thing for conservatism since Ronald Reagan!



8 thoughts on “Can We Thank Obama For Ending Liberalism As We Know It

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