Did CBS Get A Call From The Obama Administration Considering Benghazi Story

CBS is now walking back part of its 60 Minutes story on BENGHAZI because the security officer who wrote the book upon which the segment was based told a much different story to the F.B.I following the attack. Heck, you cannot TRUST the F.B.I. any longer since they seem to work for the Obama administration. Is the F.B.I. trying to protect Obama? Heck, it took the FBI 3 weeks to go to BENGHAZI to even investigate!

The CBS correspondent for the segment, Lara Logan, apologized on Friday morning and indicated that show will “correct the record” on Sunday night because of the security officer’s story to the FBI. Supposely , Mr. Davies told the F.B.I. that he was not on the scene until the morning after the attack. Did the F.B.I. report get changed? It would not surprise me under this administration!

At issue are 2 reports that contradict Davies’ version of events. First, there is a report issued by the private security firm he was working for and secondly an FBI interview following the attack.

Davies, however, swears that the report from the security firm is wrong because he never authorized it, did NOT write it, and did NOT sign off the report. Did Obama’s thugs issue the report for Davis’? Davis has NOT yet explained why the FBI report mirrored the security firm’s report, however!

Davis has said that he told the F.B.I. the same story that he had told CBS and now the F.B.I is a different.

The contradictions between the versions offered in the incident report and what was presented on television has led to questions about how “60 Minutes” came to present Mr. Davies as a credible source for its extensive report on the Benghazi incident.

The incident report described Mr. Davies as not getting to the scene on the night of the attack. In the version he wrote in his book, “The Embassy House”, and gave to “60 Minutes,” he claims that he left the villa that night to visit a hospital where he said he saw the body of the deceased ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens, and twice rushed to the scene of the attack.

At the compound, Davis claims, he had a confrontation with an attacker, whom he dispatched with a blow to the face with a rifle butt.

Jeff Fager, the chairman of CBS News and executive producer of “60 Minutes,” said Thursday, “We’re surprised to hear about this, and if it shows we’ve been misled, we will make a correction.” Once again, I ask, did the Obama administration get to CBS since the program was very damaging to the White House?

Although, CBS had all along acknowledged that Mr. Davies had also been interviewed by the F.B.I., CBA had suggested that the agency’s interview would corroborate Mr. Davies’s account on “60 Minutes.” Instead, the disclosure that the F.B.I. interview matched the incident report (was it changed because of Obama’s thugs – it would NOT be the 1st time!). The reports, however, does leave eggs on the face of CBS and reporters as well as facing more questions about the primary source for its investigation.

“He denied that report,” Ms. Logan said, “and he said that he told the F.B.I. the same story that he had told us. But what we now know is that he told the F.B.I a different story to what he told us. And, you know, that was the moment for us when we realized that we no longer had confidence in our source. And that we were wrong to put him on air.”

The fact that there are several eyewitnesses who still dispute the Obama’s administration’s version of events will matter less thanks to Mr. Davies’ lies says the head of CBS. Once again, I ask, did the Obama thugs get to CBS? After all, the Obama administration along with Obama himself have been stonewalling Congress for over a year!

And not that the CBS BENGHAZI story is shown to be a lie, it puts a lot less pressure on the White House and State Department to stop stonewalling Congress. Most likely another reason why the Obama administration most likely got to CBS!



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