Obama Uses The Chicago Way To Obamacare

Obama (D) really does practice what he preaches using the Chicago way of politics. According to FactCheck, Obama is an enthusiastic practitioner of The Chicago Way, once say of Republicans: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” Obama made those remarks at a fundraiser in Philadelphia during the 2008 presidential campaign. Obama was paraphrasing a quote from the 1987 mob movie “The Untouchables.”
Obama is a real thug that stole the election by CHEATING. Heck, even most school children know that you cannot exceed 100% of something!

However, the politicians did nothing. Why? Were they afraid to be sent in the river for a long vacation!

Keeping the above quote in mind, Obama’s Chicago thug ways should not surprise anyone!

A recent study done in the past few days finds that ObamaCare premiums are highest in states that did not vote for Obama, prompting many lawmakers to say it proves law picks winners and losers across the country. Once again, it is the Chicago way to get even with your foes to support your friends!

Are you experiencing sticker shock at the price of insurance on ObamaCare exchanges? That is more likely the case if you live in a red state
that did NOT vote for Obama, according to price data compiled by the Heritage Foundation. In red states, the premiums for a 27-year-olds rose an average of 78% on ObamaCare exchanges, whereas in “blue states” that voted for Obama, premiums rose only 50%.

In addition, it seems the higher prices in red states discussed so far are NOT the only way in which ObamaCare transfers money from red to blue states.

In addition, “Red states are subsidizing the blue states’ in their medicaid expansion! What you have is a lot of the bluer states, expanding Medicaid. And the federal government has promised to pay 90 cents of every dollar to expand Medicaid to include childless adults!

Bring out the guns and take their money and let’s do things the Chicago way to get things done!

REMEMBER BENGHAZI (please post the BENGHAZI story on ALL your posts – this must not be forgotten has Obama is hoping it will be!)


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