Obama Lies To Sell ObamaCare

As the saying goes, Promise them anything to get what you want! The Obama bait-and-switch is used to sell a product few Americans outside of academe want: Big Government! Just promise them anything to get what you want!

Obama and Obama’s thugs feel morally justified because even though the American public is too dumb to know what they want – SOCIALISM!

The poster child for the Obama sell model is Cass Sunstein. Sunstein, of Harvard Law, was Obama’s Czar of Information and Regulatory Affairs. Many of those elites believe they are better than the rest of the Americans and know what is best for us, even if they must lie! Obama, being one of those elites who thinks he is better than the American people and knows what is best for us. Obama believes like Sunstein that the American people need to be “nudged” to know what is best for them. As an article in Salon notes, “Cass Sunstein has long been one of Barack Obama’s closest confidants.” In the Sunstein model it is the intellectually and morally superior (i.e., Ivy League academics and their protégé’s) that must nudge the people to accept what is “good” for them.

Others that you might know that feel like Sunstein and Obama are Alinsky and Soros.

Obama is propelled a his sense of moral superiority. For proof, just look at Obama’s slightly uptilted poses during his speeches. And like a parent that tells “fibs” to their child for their own good, Obama believes that lying to the public is for their own “good”!

For Obama and his thugs, it is not really lying since they are not doing it to swindle us out of something they want. Instead, they are doing it because the American people are too dumb to want that which is for our own good and happiness – SOCIALISM.

However, increasingly the American people are not buying Obama’s lies.

Just keep the following in mind: Richard Nixon resigned over a lie that was nowhere near as big as Obamacare!



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