Why Does The Left Want To Control Our Lives

First, the left sought to control us by passing ObamaCare. Americans now will face penalties for not having health insurance and now another plan comes along comes another absolutely crazy leftie plan – “Track and Tax”

The left now wants to put a black box in your car! It is supposedly some source of tax revenue by tracking every mile you drive. In addition, later they would mostly likely be use to including your location. In my opinion, if the government is so concerned about mileage and taxation, then all they need do is monitor the odometer. However, these black boxes are GPS.

This is about making it easier for drones to target your vehicle and control where and how you drive! This will go hand in hand with Carbon control and will be the means by which personal travel will become more and more restricted. It is more like Socialism, Fascism, or Communism.

A few states that have embraced this black box idea are: Oregon, California, Minnesota, and Nevada are eagerly using this pilot programs.

“This really is a must for our nation. It is not a matter of something we might choose to do,” said Hasan Ikhrata, executive director of the Southern California Assn. of Governments, which is planning for California to start tracking miles driven by every California motorist by 2025.

The tea party is against this government control of out personal lives. The American Civil Liberties Union is also deeply concerned since raises a variety of privacy issues.

Nevada is among several states now trying to find affordable technology that would allow the state to keep track of how many miles you drive your car. It has now discovered yet how to control exactly where and at what time, however.

I’m sure that most Americans do not want the government (or anyone!) keeping track of where I go, what day I go, what time I go, how many miles I drove, or anything of the sort.

I have an idea – why NOT track and tax their socialist plans so that the United States would no longer have a debt crisis!



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