Is Obama That Dumb That He Thinks He Can Tell The People That He NEVER Knows Anything

Obama thinks that he can fool the American people in thinking that he knew nothing about the scandals such as BENGHAZI, IRS, Fast & Furious, etc. and now that the health care site was messed up. Does he really think that the American people are that dumb?

The Obama administration is trying to get out in front of the Obamacare rollout disaster story, attempting to shift the narrative to 1) blame Republicans for the fiasco, and 2) absolve the president of any responsibility for the rollout. Obama knows nothing!

Obama’s latest effort was to make HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius available for an interview with that bulldog of a reporter at CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Dr. Gupta is a nice person who just happens to be a big supporter of Obamacare.

Sebelius was give her canned responses per being told by Obama to Gupta’s questions when Sebelius dropped a jaw dropper; President Obama was unaware of problems with before the site went live on October 1. My ass! Why are Obama’s thugs protecting him?

Obama did NOT know of problems with the Affordable Care Act’s website despite being his top program! In addition, many insurance companies complain as well as the site’s crashing during a test run. Sebelius had the nerve to tell Dr. Gupta during the interview that it was in “the first couple of days” after the site went live October 1 that Obama found out that the health care site was not working. I bet!

Even Dr. Gupta could NOT believe it!

Obama knows that no one in the mainstream media is going to call him out for this blatant lie. In addition, the media will forget to question how it is that the White House was told repeatedly as far back as March that there were monumental technical problems with the website and no one bothered to tell the him, who supposedly the boss!

As with all the other instances where Obama claims he was in the dark, and got his info from the newspapers, it smells!

1. Benghazi. Obama claims he was unaware of Ambassador Stevens’ desperate requests for additional security despite his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton being intimately involved in the decision to turn those requests down. And now it turns out her state department leaked classified info to the New York Times!

2. IRS. The first he heard of his IRS targeting conservatives was from news reports the day the story broke. Although, the White House counsel being briefed on the problem two weeks prior to that and emails now show that the White House was communicating on the targeting prior to the election!

3. The Petraeus affair. The Obama claimed he knew nothing of the investigation into his CIA chief until after the election despite his Attorney General ordering the FBI to conduct the probe. Did Obama use his NSA to spy on Petraeus in order for him to resign since Petraeus refused to go along with Obama’s BENGHAZI story line?

4. Obamacare. The Obama claims he never knew of problems with the computer system until after the rollout despite insurance companies, outside IT contractors, and his own team warning of catastrophe.

5. NSA Spying. He did not know that the agency was spying on Americans. However, he is now OK with that. In fact, Peter King, a Republican conservative agrees with Obama, is that because Obama has the “good” on him also!

6. Fast & Furious. Obama once again claimed he knew nothing. However, Obama must have known something since he issued an executive privilege order to protect Holder!

Do we see a pattern that is developing here? Obama is the most uninformed president in history. Or, Obama is a boldfaced liar. In my opinion, it is that Obama is a LIAR! Every potentially embarrassing scandal finds our Obama totally in the dark, betrayed by incompetent (or criminal) aides and advisors. How can it be Obama’s fault if he didn’t know? My question, once again, is how & why, is Obama protected by this thugs? Does he have the “good” on them all!

A funny thing about the Obama’s ignorance is that no aide or advisor has ever been fired for incompetently keeping Obama out of the loop. This fact alone, shows an appalling lack of leadership by Obama. Generally, heads roll for not being able to do your job and generally will not be tolerated. However, in the Obama White House, incompetence is not only tolerated, but forgiven!

So much for accountability in Obama’s administration. Transparency in the Obama government has been thrown under the bus long ago.

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