Government debt jumps $328 billion overnight!

From now until February 7, 2014, per the new debt ceiling that the people wanted, the U.S. Department of the Treasury can borrow as much as it pleases. And, of course, Obama and Jack Lew and company are not wasting any time doing what the people wanted. I guess most Americans spend more money than they take in. Maybe that is why polls say Americans do not save! From October 16 to October 17 (that’s overnight), the outstanding public debt jumped $328 billion, from $16.747 trillion to $17.076 trillion. Obama and his thugs wasted no time in taking advantage of the situation!

Well, I guess the Treasury Department sure has gotten the new fiscal year off to a bang of a start! Hopefully, the American people are now happy the shutdown and debt ceiling are over with. After all, it will be the younger generation footing the bill!



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