The Real Health Care Crisis Is With The Insurers

Hopefully, the website will be more or less operational after a few months. However, it now turns out that is not even the biggest problem with the program. Come January 1st, many consumers will be outraged for misquotes that were given on the site!

It turns out that insurers are getting bad information from the enrollments. The federal data hub that is supposed to tell consumers how much of a subsidy they will get is dysfunctional that most insurers do not have confidence in the data. Because of this, most insurers believe there will be lots of outraged consumers who were misquoted on coverage and cost.

In addition, after January 1, other Americans are also going to be in for a nasty shock. The IRS will be sending a separate form to all taxpayers requiring them to declare what health insurance they carry, what the benefits are, and how long they have been enrolled.

It is the IRS (you know, the CROOKS & LIARS) who will decide whether or not you are carrying the proper insurance. If not, the IRS will force taxpayers to pay the fine since these CROOKS will be enforcing ObamaCare! Heck, they do not even follow their own rules – no receipts! It will not matter what your insurance company tells you. If the IRS determines you are not in compliance — tough luck for you.



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