Will ObamaCare’s Failure End It?

If the federal government can NOT manage a simple Web site, how is the federal government going to manage the health care of millions of Americans?

Although, good question, it has been asked a million times before about failed or failing federal programs, Social Security (heck, it’s YOUR money – where is it?) Medicaid, welfare, or farm subsidies, to name just a few? We could also add the postal service or the VA?

Once these entitlements are in effect, they do NOT go away! In fact, we either borrow more money or increase taxes to expand them!

Republicans it seems overestimating the power of the Democrats wanting to push for ObamaCare. They have want government healthcare since 1948 and are not going to give up down that they fooled the American people!

Many Washington Republicans assume that ObamaCare will fail of its own gross deficiencies. However, that logic defies history.

Government programs as a rule do NOT fail; they either have more money thrown at them to “fix the problems” that “inadequate” funding causes ( public education is a good example) or because of deficient funding, government must increase taxes!

Many studies show that the people are against ObamaCare. Buy, that does not stop Obama and the Democrats. In addition, many uninformed voters think that ObamaCare is free until reality sets in! ObamaCare failed to attract one Republican vote in passing the mammoth program and was rammed down the nation’s throat makes it ripe to fall, thereby setting quite a precedent.

Democrats have typically had their best successes in expanding government when they start small and grow programs over timesuch as Social Security. ObamaCare is just too large of a program!

Success to Democrats is buying into a program that needs to be given a chance to right itself or that it can be fixed in time. And that whatever a program’s problems (another good example is food stamps), the unfortunate have come to depend on it.

Democrats are about power, privilege, big government, and income. This is what are needed to fix the problems and screw the people without them knowing! The Democrats long run as the nation’s dominant political party and thus government has gotten bigger with other people’s money!

The Democrats are vested not just sustaining but growing big government. ObamaCare is the gravy train for Democrats that President Regan mentioned!

Republicans have underestimated the Democrats’ commitment to ObamaCare (expansion of government) or believe, per their consultants, that if the GOP just gets out of the way, ObamaCare will come crashing down, and Republicans will not be blamed for the failure of ObamaCare.

Conservatives, tea party activists, and libertarians should NOT be lulled by the idea that ObamaCare will fall of its own weight. As we’ve seen, Democrats and leftists are hell-bent on cementing their power and control. They will do whatever it takes to fight with great tenacity and ruthlessness to keep healthcare long sought, even if it means shutting down the government.

Principled objections to ObamaCare and smart alternatives to it need to be offered to Americans and Congress daily. In addition, conservatives and others in Congress need to be encouraged to continue to offer legislation that attacks ObamaCare.

The goal should be to show all its faults and make ObamaCare no more!




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