Is Obama Incompetent

Most Americans never expected that Obama would be incompetent. After all, Obama graduated from top schools even though he does not want to show his grades or classes. Heck, even if he was in the bottom 25%, that would still be better educated than most Americans!

Obama wanted the job of President since it was a title. However, Obama has shown blatant reluctance to govern. Obama has also shown open disdain for Congress and the Constitution. In fact, he generally does what he wants by going around Congress or the Constitution! In addition, Obama shows that he is from the Southside of Chicago because of his ill manners hardly befitting a national leader and reeking of a street tough, his arrogance that he doesn’t even try to hide, his whoppers (Obama is known as a LIAR and has lost all creditability).

Could anybody who was so widely touted as a gift to mankind be so pathetic? Surely Obama only pretends to be a clown and does have a brain! I also agree with that Obama knows exactly what he is doing, that his real goal is to ruin America as we know it, and everything he does is strategically geared to his destructive objective.

Of course, Obama is a revolutionary communist (socialist when he first got into politics in Chicago) and has now made the democratic party more socialist. Obama’s aim, in my opinion, is to demolish the capitalist system of which America is the foremost exponent. Everything we know about him, everything he does, points to Obama being a socialist and want to destroy America! As a matter of fact, Obama has never concealed his real intentions. Obama mere days before the 2008 election said he would “fundamentally transform America” if elected?

So I really concur with Limbaugh’s theory as to Obama’s real agenda. However, I can see no contradiction between Obama’s destructive goals and his stupendous incompetence. That is to say, Obama is genuinely inept in implementing his plans.

Obama’s presidency (I seldom mention Obama as president since he is a CROOK) looks like that of the Keystone Cops. As everyone knows, creating chaos is part and parcel of the revolutionaries’ rulebook. They aim to bring down the power structure, create an atmosphere of total lawlessness, scare the populace into clamoring for a strong hand capable of restoring order, and, under the cover of chaos, storm the ramparts and seize the levers of power. Obama might not need chaos, however, since chaos is inimical to his objective as it raises alarm and breeds resistance.

Obama’s overriding objective is now to win the 2014 Congressional elections and gain control of both houses of Congress so as to be able to accomplish his tasks unimpeded during the last two years of his second term like he did the first two years of his first election term. That is why we must flip the Senate in 2014 and start impeachment charges against Obama!

Generally speaking, conservatives are notoriously reluctant to join the political fray and do it only under duress, when they are really scared and really angry like they did in 2010. Of course, Obama saw what had happened and gave warning signs to federal agencies, like the IRS, to scare the Tea Party.

Obama behaves the way he does simply because that is the way he is. He just does not know any better. Is Obama really that incompetent that he would suggest barring access to the open-air World War II Memorial for a group of aged, wheelchair-bound veterans while throwing the Mall open to an illegal immigrants? I would suggest that Obama is! Heck just look at his foreign policies in the past like Syria and Egypt! In my opinion, Obama is not only meanspirited, but incompetent. Just look at his latest anti military idea of withholding military death benefits from the families of deceased soldiers.

Obama is unmistakably a dyed-in-the-wool revolutionary. And revolutionary are so incompetent, that they are never good at governance, or at any other form of constructive endeavor, for that matter. Heck, just look at Morsi, from the Muslim Brotherhood, whom Obama supported and invited to the White House. Generally, revolutionaries who are incompetent as previous mentioned use the lofty slogans which are merely a smokescreen to disguising their obsessive lust for power. Does Obama come to mind?

As the saying goes, beware of what you wish. Just look at ObamaCare and how it treats the average American!

In summary, Obama does indeed yearn to destroy America, no question about it and at the same time, Obama is incompetent in going about it (Just listen to Americans speaking out), no question about that either.



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