Is The National Park Service Really Obama’s Gestapo

A government agency they had always been thought as benevolent, the National Park Service (NPS) will be remembered for what they did to the American people during the shutdown. The National Park Service I suspect will now be remembered as that agency who screwed the American people the various barricades, traffic cones and police tape around national monuments and across the entrances to national parks, national scenic parkways and even preventing access to private property. They will also be remembered as the agency that turned down the World War 2 veterans, but were willing to allow illegals on the National Mall that was closed to citizens!

While many people may be aware that the National Park Service is also a law enforcement agency, that aspect of the National Park Service image has definitely been one of an Officer Friendly type keeping park visitors from harm. However, that image has changed. The National Park Service is now looked at as Obama’s gestapo!

After what the American people saw the National Park Service do over the last week a great many people may never look at government in the same trusting way again.

That Obama would become vindictive during the budget and debt ceiling debates was not a huge shock by most people. His nasty side has been shown and analyzed many times since he came onto the nation’s political stage. After all, Obama is a thug from the Southside of Chicago! However, what came as a twin shock to many Americans was that Obama’s would use the National Park Service as his gestapo. In addition, many people did not expect the Park Police would blanket the nation in barricades, not only at the entrances to national parks but also around open air monuments, around private facilities leased from the federal government and on roads used to access private residences!

Common sense may be departing along with the expertise. For those who think 82,000 fewer senior bureaucrats (30% higher retirements than in 2012) might be a good thing, note that given this administration’s propensity to play politics new hires are likely to be more progressive as opposed to faithful civil servants.

I see Mark Steyn has called for abolishing the IRS and the NPS. Which I agree with 100% since both are corrupt and the government’s parks returned to the states.


4 thoughts on “Is The National Park Service Really Obama’s Gestapo

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