Obama Playing Politics

Obama hinted at a news conference this past Tuesday (October 8th) that he understands how things get done in Washington.

He admitted that he’s “tempted” to fund parts of the government, as Republicans have tried to do by passing bills that fund the National Park Service, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other critical government functions.

However, Obama went on to say, “If There’s No Political Heat…Then Nothing Happens”. The American people must be able to see the pain being caused and thus they will put political pressure on the Republicans.

I guess that it does not matter that Illegals can protest on the National Mall while Americans are screwed as much as possible by this LIAR. Heck, I guess that it does not matter that Obama gave $495 million to NPR and wants to give more to Egypt and his Muslim Brotherhood friends!

Enough is enough and it is time to show Obama the door! Stand up and fight for your rights and while you’re at it, support TRUCKERS FOR THE CONSTITUTION THIS FRIDAY!


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