Obama’s Shutdown And The American People

Obama does not want the American people to see what classes he took or his grades, most likely because the classes were socialist type. That is why when Obama first got in Chicago politics he was a socialist (New Party) and hung out with other socialist.

Obama does not seem to have bothered to study the political classics that tell a political leader why he should avoid dividing his people and avoid creating scapegoats. Instead, he has led the democratic party more to the socialist/democratic party.

And in an interview on NPR, Obama has said that “I shouldn’t have to offer anything.” In fact, Obama keeps telling everyone that he is not will to negotiate. Obama even has phoned Boehner to tell him he does not want to talk right now and does not want to negotiate with the Republican. Some kind of leader!

I must agree with Glenn Beck that Obama’s is acting more of a dictator during the government shutdown that he and Reid caused. Just a few of the items that Obama and Reid have added to screw the American people:
1. Treatments for children suffering from cancer

2. World War II Memorial and other memorials are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They do not have a staff to it. Most of these memorials are maintained with private financing

3. Then there is the furloughed military chaplains who are not allowed to work for free so that soldiers can attend mass

4. In the Florida Keys small businesses, hunters, and commercial fishermen can no longer practice their trade since Obama has tried to close down the ocean (Florida Bay).

5. The American Forces Network so that the soldiers cannot watch the NFL or other shows.

6. A self‑sustaining colonial farm that has not received a dime of government money since 1980 has been closed for the first time in 40 years.

7. Obama has forced residents (Lake Mead) out of their private homes.

8. They are now blocking access to trails, roads, and programs at South Dakota’s most popular attraction Mt. Rushmore. Many scenic pull outs are blocked also. The list could go on and on. Of course, Obama’s golf course is NOT closed since that does NOT affect the people!

When Obama says he should not have to negotiate he is saying that he does not want to pay for the costs he is imposing on the minority. This is a rule that can be found in Alinsky’s Rules! Another trait showing that Obama says to the American people like is help line – 1-800- F***You!

Other socialist traits used by Obama to divide Americans might include:
1. Riling up the laid-off steelworkers in the 1980s in South Chicago

2. Using to ACORN in the 1990s riling up the folks against banks so that the banks would be forced to lend to deadbeats – START OF CREDIT CRISIS & THE ECONOMY GOING SOUTH!

3. And, of course, you have Obama riling up the Democratic base and refusing to negotiate on the federal budget. Thus, you never really negotiate, and you never really solve anything; but you sure manage to destroy trust and divide the American people and the nation (hope & change).

Arthur Brooks writes that “great leaders negotiate and own the consequences.” He quotes Winston Churchill: “The price of greatness is responsibility.” Obama is neither!


2 thoughts on “Obama’s Shutdown And The American People

  1. This loser needs to be remove NOW!!!! before he destroys the Country, dam all of those fools that voted for this loser. Fuk obama

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