Democrats And Obama: The People Must Be Punished

The Left claims that their lives are consumed with concern for their fellow man and that their mission in life is to improve its lot and that everyone should be equal with the wealth spread around to everyone. The best way to do this is to take your money, your freedom and your soul. Thus, socialism!

The logic of socialism is that the “general will” is manifested in one leader. Thus, socialism, which is allegedly the dispersion of power to every individual, in practice becomes the centralization of power in a single leader. In our country, who better is it than to make Obama the supreme leader. After all, he knows more about socialism than most people. Obama was a socialist (member of New Party) when he fist got into Chicago politics. And he is now the leader of the socialist/democratic party!

So, we have the leader of utopia (Castro in Cuba, Kim Jong Il in North Korea) and we have the masses below. The Leader loves the people generally. In Obama’s case, he has condemn for the American people. In Germany during Hitler’s time, Hitler never slept because while Germans were sleeping, Hitler was watching over them. In America’s case, Obama has the NSA watch over the American people.

But the day comes when the people must be punished since the people disappoint the Leader. In America, we have arrived at that point with Obama!

The people in America are not living up to the greatness of Obama. Thus, the people must be punished. That is why the government has closed outdoor memorials, road turnouts, and is has closed the ocean – Florida Bay.

It is time now for the American people to say enough and rise up! The agencies involved are not doing their duty to the Constitution, but rather to their immediate superiors who are ordering them to act against the interest of the public not in its interest. You know, like Nazi Germany! There is no public interest in closing the open air war memorials, or the ocean south of Florida. There is no legitimacy to these enforcements and the police should have refused the orders.

The government under Obama and his thugs are now turning on the people. Even if it is temporarily, it is an abrogation of the president’s oath to the Constitution. Although, we all know that Obama does not believe in following the Constitution!

It is punishment. And it MUST stop now and NOT in 2014!


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