Obama Loves To Cause Pain During Shutdown

Obama is known to add pain in shutdown Just like he did when the sequestration.
Just recently to show how he wants the American public to feel the pain of the shutdown, Obama closed the privately funded Mt. Vernon as well as the turnouts on various roads which the public could pull off the road to view the scenic landscape. The bottom line is that the Obama regime is using America’s federal government shutdown to inflict as much pain onto citizens as possible

As for the Mt. Vernon shutdown, is that the federal government does not own or fund Mount Vernon. Calling the move “disgusting,” Gingrich tweeted it was a “deliberate effort by Obama to hurt the public.” The director, Melissa Wood, of the foundation told the National Park service that it was a mistake since “NO” federal funds were ever provided. Wood noted that NPS officials reversed course after conceding “their mistake.”

Although, the NPS reversed their course, there is another troubling aspect associated with this incident. It would seem that the federal government has no idea what they even own. Thus it seems that federal agencies just assume everything in the U.S. is under their purview and control.

Not only does this story highlight the savagery of government conduct, it also proves how insanely bloated our federal bureaucracy has become by even closing open area memorials.

Because of the above, many Americans view the government shutdown by Obama and Dems as a good start toward bringing the federal government back in line with the Constitution.

Bottom line: Obama wants to spread the pain around as much as he can, until the pressure grows on the conservatives to cave in completely.


3 thoughts on “Obama Loves To Cause Pain During Shutdown

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