Security Questions Over ObamaCare

A provision in ObamaCare requiring medical providers to switch from paper patient charts to electronic records is intended to reduce costs and improve care. However, is the transition too fast and thus raising privacy concerns?

Will the quick transition keep pharmaceutical companies and other entities outside hospitals and doctor’s offices from exploiting the information for commercial use. Most experts say “NO”! In fact, many think that the data will be bought and sold. You know, like questions you ask when you get junk mail or phone calls trying to sell you on a product!

Most cyber security experts say consolidating vast amounts of patient information in large databases will create a big target for high-tech thieves, domestically and abroad. Just ask the above questions!

While advanced attacks do occur, databases commonly encounter breaches caused by a single employee inadvertently exposing a computer to the same type of malicious software, or “malware,” those everyday users routinely encounter through their daily Internet use. The guy in Minn. who accidently gave out the info on 2,400 is a “good” example (

The repercussions of opening the exchanges with an unproven security system could be devastating, putting the personal and financial records of millions of Americans at the fingertips of data thieves. Even Obama refuses to release his medical records! Yet, Obama expects the American people to release their records for all to see!

Although banks, retailers and consumers are familiar with the risks of fraud, the detailed personal information in patient records in doctor’s offices, etc. are not!

If your credit card information is compromised, you can get a new credit card and change that information. You cannot change your Social Security number or medical habits in most cases!

Once specific personal information is gotten by identity thieves, they are then able to commit fraud or apply for credit in that person’s name over and over again.

Individuals signing up are required to provide personal information such as Social Security numbers, tax returns and household income information that will be entered into the Federal Data Services Hub (Data Hub) that will allow that information to be shared with other state and federal agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Department of Homeland Security. The information technology (IT) security designed to protect the private records of millions of Americans has only just been completed, leaving a mere two weeks for the workings of this complex system to be independently verified.

In September 2013, the department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (HHS-OIG) issued a report saying the federal government had failed to meet multiple deadlines for testing operations and reporting data security vulnerabilities involved with the Data Hub.

After members of Congress from both sides of the aisle warned the administration against launching a vulnerable system at the American people’s expense, the White House conveniently announced testing had been completed and the Data Hub was ready to launch. Hopefully, what we recently saw was NOT the fix that the White House claimed had been done to protect the privacy of Americans!


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