Are Voter ID Laws A Burden

Upon seeing the latest headline by the Obama thugs, “Justice Department challenges North Carolina voter ID law” I thought that I would give you my two cents on the subject matter.

The suit, filed in Greensboro, N.C., asks that the state be barred from enforcing the new voter-ID law. It is OK for the Black Panthers to intimate whites, but since the Holder and his thugs want to CHEAT ( who does not understand math besides Holder, Obama and his thugs, and the majority of GOP thay if there is over a 1005 voter turnout, there is most likely FRAUD)/. However, the North Carolina case goes further, demanding that the entire state of North Carolina be placed under a requirement to have all changes to voting laws, procedures and polling places “precleared” by either the Justice Department or a federal court, the source added. Heck, the Justice Department under Holder is crooked to begin with!

And if I remember clearly, the DOJ also filed suit against Texas ID voter law in July. In the Texas cases, Holder’s Justice Department is asking that the state be put under preclearance for ten years. However, in the North Carolina case, federal government lawyers are not seeking a specific duration for the new preclearance requirement. In Texas, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican, complained that the Justice Department’s demand disrespected the Supreme Court decision.

Holder and the Democratic Party do not like voter ID laws since it reduces the chances of CHEATING. Less dead people can vote and voter turnout over 100% is more difficult. In addition, illegals could not vote. I guess the Democratic Party believes it would be more difficult for them to win elections.

This past November, you had an Ohio worker brag on national TV that she had voted 6 times for Obama. How dumb is that! Especially, since she was a poll worker.

Common practices like boarding an airplane and getting a driver’s license require photo ID, and we should expect nothing less for the protection of our right to vote. Heck, come to think about it, there are at least a dozen federal programs (food stamps, welfare, etc.) that require photo ID!

In addition, I leave you with this thought to ponder – So according to democrats – Every man, woman, and child must purchase health insurance, and if they can not afforded it the government will provide it for free, all because they exist. However, without ID, people cannot receive health insurance or get medical care using ACA. And this is not an undue burden. So that looks “discriminatory” doesn’t it? Thus, having to have a photo ID which the government will provide for free if you can not afford it is. How can anybody take this administration seriously?


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