Since Defunding ObamaCare Did Not Pass Should The Debt Deal Pass

Well, defunding ObamaCare did not pass because of 25 Republicans. Hopefully, they will NOT get elected in the future since they would NOT listen to the American people.

ObamaCare is highly unpopular; it has not gained support since its enactment, but has rather lost support. Of course, that face fell on deaf ears this week with 25 Republicans voted to funding ObamaCare and all the Democratic Senators doing the same. In fact, Harry Reid had the balls to say that Republican should now stop talking about ObamaCare! Actually, Reid might be right! Maybe we should now talk about Harry Reid when from a net worth of $1 Million to $10 Million on a politician salary! In addition, did the IRS provide Reid with Romney’s tax returns that he claimed on the Senator. Now, here’s a CROOK!

However, since ObamaCare was not defunded, there is another approach. The need to raise the debt ceiling is a clear reminder that federal spending is wildly out of control and needs to be reined in. In addition, as we’ve seen, those who really run government, the bureaucrats and not the politicians, wish for federal spending to grow so that they have a job!

In addition, escalating federal spending means that federal bureaucrats in management positions “need” more employees, which thus translates to promotions, raises, and prestige for the bureaucrats. And which is well known, these bureaucrats, survive all elections and changes of power. In other words, the party in power does not really matter since their jobs are safe! Maybe the bureaucrats should be given a test on American every 3 or 4 years so that they know who real is paying them!

The reason why four of the six highest income counties in America are in Virginia or Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. Wealth and power come from the federal government, and that is extracted at the expense of the rest of America. The IRS is a “good” example.

A good solution to the problem would be if the Republicans use their power to block a debt ceiling reduction unless this change is made in federal law. A few “good” examples to fix our spending problems are:
1. tie all income from federal employees between $100,000 and $200,000 to a flat tax rate of 40%

2. tie all income from federal employees above $200,000 to a flat tax rate of 80%

3. all lawyers and lobbyists who work in Washington would also be included. This would cut off the escape route of leaving the federal government and entering the quasi-private sector as a paid hack. In addition, it would have the added benefit of making Congress harder to defend to the American people to fund these hacks!

The above programs are a tax and not a change in compensation, this would affect all federal judges, the president and vice president, and all members of Congress. This will give all those who really run the federal government a vested interest in reducing federal spending and ending federal deficits. And remember, the spending cuts would not have a direct affect on the American people, but on those that have created the problem!

The above suggestions would tie those paid by us tax payers out of taxes and federal borrowing to personal financial accountability. If the above became the law, then when leftists squealed for higher taxes or more deficit spending, then taking money first from those rich Washingtonians who caused the problem might well just solve the problem. The only way this will happen, of course, is if the people either voter for it in their state or put pressure on the politicians!


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