Is The Republican Party Going The Way Of The Whigs

Lincoln helped create the Republican Party during a difficult time. Unlike todays Republican leaders, Lincoln was bold. In fact, many people who know American history, Obama is not one of them – we only have 50 states and NOT 57 states at the moment, know that during Lincoln’s time America was involved in a civil war.

Obama was another bold leader when in 2009 he chose to push his health care bill through Congress despite the urgings for caution by a Democratic Congress. Obama might have bribed Senators to pass ObamsCare, but he did what it took to get his ideal across.

The Republican Party has fooled the American people and are not bold. The Republican Party of today will make promise like Obama and not keep them as long as their elected politicians are able to continue to hold office. The Republican Party of today is to aligned with the the Democratic Party causes. There really is no major difference!

The efforts to defund or diminish ObamaCare by using parliamentary maneuvers demonstrate weakness in the Republican Party. A few signs that also point the way of the Republican Party going the way of the Whigs are the following:
1. Fundraising among the national Republican Party leadership is down.
2. The numbers of party regulars voting is going down. A good example would be that during the 2012 elections the voter turnout was reduced from 2008. This has been blamed upon demographics. However, I content that the cause is more likely due to the lack of sincerity and commitment from the leadership of the Republican Party.
3. Members of the Republican Party eat their own, rather than going after members of the Democratic Party. A good example is Peter King, who was most like brought out by Obama’s spying on him, against Ted Cruz. Another recent example is John McCain, who is a suppose to be a Republican, yet gave the Democratic response to Ted Cruz’s speech.

Over 60% of the Americans opposes ObamaCare. Most want it defunded and dismantled. Many small business are either reducing hours, laying workers off, or going out of business, etc. Yet, the Republican leadership has promised to oppose ObamaCare. However, many in the Republican Party attack Senators Lee and Cruz in their efforts to delay the operation of ObamaCare. And today, September 27th, many of the so-called Republicans voted for Obamacare!

Boldness is what makes the stuff of leadership and the Republican Party lacks it! Republicans have argued that the Republicans must not risk bad press if there is a government. What the Republicans do not realize is that the Republicans will never receive good press unless they are attacking other Republicans. Once again, McCain and King know that lesson!

The House Republicans have more power than they really realize. If only they were bold and not show weakness like the Senate Republicans. A few things that the Republican House should exercise:
1. The power of purse is the only way to stop ObamaCare. The Obama has granted many wavers this year, recognizing the weakness of his position. Yet he is bold has shown boldness political his moves by side stepping Congress and going around the Constitution.
2. There has not been a budget passed in years. Four years to be exact! The Congress has operated on continuing resolutions. It is time to use this method more creatively. Send up one bill per agency or Cabinet Department.
3. Our American family income is down to 1989 levels. This breeds more dependency and future Democrats. The House needs to reduce this dependency which could also be done by passing one funding cabinet measure at a time and have Harry Reid and Obama veto them in public.

Mitt Romney ran a poor campaign which did not energize voters during a poor economy. But, then again he was not the right guy in my opinion since he represented the Republican establishment and the Northeast Republicans who are liberals who are Democrat like! We need bold leadership in both the House and Senate. If we have bold leadership in both the Hose and Senate, we will energize the disheartened to vote in 2014 for Republicans. Presently, these voters see nothing to galvanize around and have abandoned the Republican Party.

Thus, the really questions that we must ask are:
1. Will the Republicans be willing to risk enough to succeed?
2. The safe road will be narrower and result in fewer supporters since the leaders are not bold. In my opinion, more primary challenges will weaken the establishment.
3. Will the Republican leadership understand what their base wants?
4. Should people in the various states start recalling their Washing DC politicians (right is given to the states)
5. Should a “Conservative” party be formed to bring back Democratic values and Republican values!


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