Has Obama Dismantled America

During Obama’s first presidential trip to Europe in 2009 someone could be heard saying: “He sounds just like a European.” That is, not like an American president who loves his country. And Obama does not: asked during that visit to Europe about American exceptionalism, Obama answered: “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.”

In other words, he didn’t believe in American exceptionalism at all. Remember, Obama while growing up played little sports that most American children played while growing up. Obama knows little of sports but would like to control it like any good Marxist with a passion for power. In 2010 Obama donned a Chicago White Sox cap and pretended he was a fan. One problem, of course, was that Obama couldn’t name any of the players right after throwing his infamous sissy pitch.

And of course earlier this year we had Obama saying to Al Sharpton on Big Al’s radio show (you know the “big mouth”), about the NHL “Let me be clear,” Obama said. “I didn’t even know the NHL had resolved its labor dispute and started playing. That being said, I hope the oppressed party, be they players or owners, won.

“However, I must say that I am troubled by the point system currently in use by the league. A team earns two points for a victory, one point for an overtime loss, and no points for a conventional loss. This seems unfair to me. Although one point for an overtime loss—which was basically called a tie when I was younger—is empowering, I feel two points for victory and none for defeat is far from fair. The losing team tried just as hard as they could, and I believe they are entitled to a single point, which should be taken from the victorious team.”

Obama continued to say, “Everyone gets a Stanley Cup…Forget competition”

Anyway, back on topic, Obama was seen in May 2008, while campaigning as a candidate for President crossing an airplane tarmac, holding Fareed Zakaria’s American epitaph, “The Post-American World”. In the photo, Obama is holding his place in the book with his finger, as if he did not dare put it down and wanted to dive back into it as soon as he could. Of course, the media did not mention that Obama was reading the anti American book – it just might hurt his chances!

The vicious Zakaria describes his book this way: “This is not a book about the decline of America, but rather about the rise of everyone else.” In it, Zaharia details the era he hopes we are entering now, you know — a world in which the United States would “no longer dominate the global economy, orchestrate geopolitics, or overwhelm cultures.”

Obama seems bound and determined to drive America over a cliff and make Zakaria’s vision of the future a self-fulfilling prophecy. As the most powerful man in the world, Obama would level the playing field by having the American look down upon by the rest of the world. We are no longer looked at as where others in the world want to come and settle. We have fallen in various ratings, both in economic downgrades and not as the happiest nation on earth. Evil is now sanctioned by the world’s only remaining superpower. Even the Middle East looks down on us – we have a lower standing with those countries than ever before! Obama has even turned against our allies (particularly Israel) and showed them that America could not be relied on. Obama is even will to give terrorists U.S. arms! Obama has taxed many into poverty (welfare, food stamps, etc) and stirred up racial strife to make us all less safe. Obama has enabled Russia to re-emerge as a world power, and the Islamic jihadists are bolder than ever according to Obama!

During the Muslim massacre at a Nairobi mall, whom did Kenyan officials call for help? While Israel, of course! Obama is Kenyan (although born in Hawaii – his Kenyan grandmother said Obama had been born in Kenya before she died after seeing Obama) with close relatives in the country. It is Obama’s native land, the country where his father was born. So you might think he would have sent help, but his father (and stepfather) were Muslim; perhaps that is why he always comes down on the side of the jihad and why Obama has not condemned of the vicious sharia? Obama’s silence is sanction and support.

Obama has vowed to make America just another nation — unexceptional! And Obama has kept his one promise!


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