ObamaCare increase premiums by 70%

Let us not forget Obama’s campaign promise that health care costs would decrease by $2,500.

Ever since Obama and the Democrats forced Obamacare on the American public in 2010, costs for healthcare and medical treatment has continued to rise. In some areas of the nation, costs will go up as much as 70% once Obamacare and the exchanges are fully implemented.

Chris Conover, a contributor to Forbes took the year by year cost increases attributed to the Affordable Care Act, divided it by the projected US population for each year to determine the added cost per person and came out with a cost of $7,450 above the cost for the next 10 years. As I said, the $7,450 is the additional increase on top of the extortionist prices millions of Americans are being forced to pay between now and December 31. The 7% to more than 70% increases I mentioned are already figured into the base amount that Conover starts with.

Conover does not take the initial cost increases that many people will see. Many of these increases will vary from state to state. A few states like California may see cost for healthcare policies decrease while states like Ohio will see 70% cost increases!

What this means, is that Obama LIED once again to promote Obamacare. ObamaCare will raise the cost of health care and make it less accessible to the American people and too many people will die an early death because of it.


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