Reasons Why the National Debt Keeps Rising

Cutting spending should be so easy. It would be with a balanced budget amendment. If you don’t have it, you can’t spend it.
Check it out:

Out-of-control spending by Congress and the Obama Administration has once again maxed out the latest debt limit—a nearly $17 trillion burden that harms job growth, gives special interests a pass, and lowers American families’ personal income. Why do we keep raising the debt? Every time the debt is raised, we do increase the national debt – unlike Obama thinks!

1. They want to keep up appearances. Politicians in Washington DC pretend America’s national budget can handle all the extensive promises they have made over the past several decades to Americans so that they could get re-elected!

2. Politicians are unwilling to sacrifice even wasteful spending. Congress could eliminate billions in spending tomorrow just by cutting wasteful spending. Heritage expert Patrick Louis Knudsen, who spent two decades working on the House Budget Committee, recently went line-by-line through the federal budget to find $42 billion in unnecessary, poorly run, and duplicative federal government programs.

3. Politicians fear changing “business as usual” in Washington. Because the American people are waking up to the fiscal crisis we are in, many policymakers in both parties use any number of legislative “back doors” to increase the debt ceiling—without looking like they did. CNN reports:

Since it’s a politically tough vote, they occasionally devise clever ways to tacitly approve increases without ever having to publicly record a “yes” vote.

For example, as part of the deal to resolve the 2011 debt ceiling war, Congress approved a plan that let President Obama raise the debt limit three times unless both the House and Senate passed a “joint resolution of disapproval.” Such a measure never materialized. And even if it had, the president could have vetoed it.

4. Politicians are addicted to stuff. Politicians in Washington enjoy a good haircut, lavish conference vacations, and even renovating their bathrooms… all at our expense!

5. Politicians do not know how to see long-term. It has been said that the 2013 deficit will be lower than previous years. That’s great until you start looking at while the 2013 deficit will be lower than in previous – REASON: massive tax increases signed into law by President Obama.

6. Politicians lack the courage to lead on spending reform. There are proposals to get the budget under control. However, they are never taken really seriously.

As Americans who are concerned about America’s future, we should support a budget based on real Constitutional priorities, and set free the unlimited genius of Americans to create jobs, wealth, and prosperity. It would be really easy if we had a balanced budget amendment. If you do not have it, you can not spend it!


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