Two Brigades of ‘Good’ Syrian Rebels Defect, Join Jihadist Ranks

Just a few short weeks ago, Obama wanted to launch military strikes against the Syrian regime. Obama and McCain felt certain that the United States should be supporting the Syrian rebels with arms. Does Obama and McCain still want to arm the terrorists? Heck, Obama even went so far to do an executive order that the arm control law did not matter and thus could give arms to the Syrian rebels!

The Syrian government is again moving around its stockpile of chemical weapons, leaving the United States trying to figure out what Bashar al-Assad will do next with his deadly arsenal. And this just after Assad agreed to destroy his chemical weapons – is it because he views Obama has a weak person? Officials at U.S. agencies are keeping track of Assad.

Well, I guess we will just have to wait and see, right about the chemical weapons in Syria? It is not like Assad has used WMD’s against his own people, prompting top American officials to compare him to Hitler. Putin, in the meantime, is waffling on whether “100 percent” compliance by the Syrian government is an achievable or verifiable goal. I thought that it was the centerpiece of the deal upon which the I.S. and Russia had agreed to in Geneva!

Remember, the Syria in the past would not even admit that they possessed any chemical weapons until the Russians jumped on Sec. Kerry’s misstatement and turned it into a diplomatic “breakthrough.” Damascus and Moscow however, remain adamant that Assad was not responsible for the chemical attacks in recent months, despite the preponderance of evidence.

The question remains though, should we be arming the Syrian opposition, as we are reportedly doing? I think not! Especially, let this latest news being sent out! This is a question that I’ve been asking for weeks since reports on the Syrian rebels have been surfacing that they are the “Bad” guys too! If you remember, Sec. Kerry claimed during Congressional testimony that the rebel groups had taken a moderate and secular turn as well as McCain and his group of traitors all while the assertion seemed to contradict much of the available evidence.

Lately, reports of trouble brewing within the “good” rebel ranks have surfaced, as some fighters vowed to eventually join forces with radical Islamists. Now, it seems it has happened!

It seems that hundreds of rebels have pledged allegiance to al Qaeda-affiliated forces in northern and eastern Syria, activists and Islamist sources said on Friday. Eentire units have joined the small but powerful al Qaeda-linked groups – the Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). I would think that this is a sign the radical groups are still growing in power, don’t you think President Obama and Senator McCain? Hopefully, this will not be a trend! As I’ve said, at least two entire rebel brigades are said to have joined the Nusra Front in the opposition-held province of Raqqa, which borders Turkey.

The US position is: “Assad must go,” but he is also an indispensable partner in the Russian deal, and we need to arm the so-called moderate Syrian rebels, even though the rebels might defect to al Qaeda.

Oh, Obama, by the way, might talk to the leader of Iran while at the UN. How do you feel now about this LIAR?


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