Another Benghazi bombshell

The House Oversight Committee has raised the stakes on the public debate over accountability for the terror attack on BENGHAZI. A new report from Oversight accuses the State Department of willfully obstructing the Congressional investigation into the attack and the actions of the Obama administration before, during, and after the sacking of the consulate.

All this talk about why, after a year we still do not have any answers on BENGHAZI! Ridiculous! Obama’s and Hilliary Clinton blamed a 3 month old video and said that BENGHAZI was NOT a terror attack! The first thing that has to happen in order to find out the facts is you have to WANT to have the facts come out by posting – REMEMBER THE BENGHAZI 4. Do not let Obama and his thugs cover it up.

Its quite apparent that Hillary and Obama are up to their necks in this killing of 4 Americans and wanted to hide it from the American people. Especially, since an election was near by!

BENGHAZI is a flaming right in your face example of exactly how bad Obama is in his foreign policies and his leaders. Leaving Americans to die while Obama slept so he could campaigned the next day! Both Obama and Hillary Clinton lied and Americans died. If we had a fair media (they are at fault for BENGHAZI as well as the other scandals for not fairly reporting and trying to provide cover for Obama) this BENGHAZI attack would of ended both their lying careers. Now these two lying failures will do anything in their vast powers to hide and mislead anything about BENGHAZI (Hillary has 7 scandals – 2 involving murders and Obama; who knows). It is up the American people to push and shove until the real truth we already know is put into the eyes and ears of all Americans since the media can’t be TRUSTED to do their jobs

. Obama failed Hillary failed and 4 Americans paid the price.


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