Remider To Politicians: You Work For The People

We do not elect politicians to tell us what light bulbs we can buy, how much soda we can drink or how best we can defend ourselves. We elect politicians to listen to us and fight for what we believe in.

Although I do not live in Colorado, I supported the recall because I am pro-choice on self-defense. In my opinion, at what point does a government official at any level, that includes the federal level, have the right to make the decision on how a law-abiding citizen defends herself?

The lesson of Colorado’s successful recalls extends beyond gun legislation. The recalls speak to a bigger issue of the proper role of government, and the importance of politicians understanding that they work for us. Thus, we should use it more often. In addition, recalls should be used for our federal officials who REALLY should be answering to the people, but do not!

Colorado voters reminded politicians that they work for us and they can be fired by the people!


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