BENGHAZI One Year Later And Still The Lies

Let was NOT forget the attack killings of the BENGHAZI 4!!!

The Obama Administration had declared that the war on terror was over, Al Qaeda was defeated and the tides of war had receded. The Obama administration wanted to cover up the terror attack by saying that it was ONLY a video that was filmed in July 2012. BENGHAZI is seldom mentioned by Obama’s thugs and the media in hopes that the American people will forget!

Well, they were wrong, dead wrong.

In the midst of a tough Presidential race, with one huge vulnerability being his perceived weakness in foreign policy, Obama and his thugs had to change the narrative. That is why BENGHAZI had to be covered up and not mentioned at all prior to the election. The Obama administration’s plan was to convince everyone that they had in fact made huge progress in defeating terrorism. The Obama administration actually had the nerve to state that Al Qaeda was on the run, and we were quickly moving to an end of the threats.

Even when the career Ambassador Stevens asked for help, he got none. Ambassador Steven’s requests for more security were not based on “gut feelings” or even rumblings in the street, but because of actual attacks on U.S. and other western facilities in the past few months. The Ambassador’s requests were repeatedly turned down.

There were no good reasons given either before or after the investigation, other than poor decisions by Department of State personnel and no one has even been held accountable! It was clear that sending additional security assets would have send the wrong message that Libya was not a victory as the Obama administration had claimed – leading from behind. In fact, Al Qaeda was and still is active in Libya! Obama’s narrative won out over safety of U.S. lives.

From the start it was clear to everyone, that this was not the result of a spontaneous demonstration, or wrath against a video. It was a high-planned, relatively sophisticated, well-executed military operation conducted by terrorists looking to make a splash on a key date.

Their use of indirect mortar fire, and combined small arms and rocket propelled grenades trapped over 40 Americans and caused the Ambassador to be evacuated to a second safe house. The attackers lifted their fire on the first facility, as soon as they recognized the movement of the Ambassador, and redirected their attack on the safe house. This alone should be ample evidence of the sophistication of the force.

The explanations given by then-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey was that they knew any rescue would be “too late” is laughable. And he represents the military – some guy (do you want him watching your back)! Generally speaking, you never know how long a firefight will last when it starts, it could be minutes, or it could be days. The military (so called Gen. Dempsey) still had a responsibility to try rather than leave 4 Americans to die!

The second disclaimer was that the Secretary of Defense did not want to put more people at risk. Well. isn’t that the role of the military, one they proudly accept, that they are to stand between Americans in danger, and those who would do them harm. Just what does Obama and his spying team have on this politicians to have them screw Americans? Once again there was no appetite for a response because it blew the narrative away that Obama wanted the American people to be suckered in!

After this attack the Obama Administration went into damage control. Obama stuck with the absurd video story for weeks. Even telling the UN in his speech that the video was the cause of the problem knowing all along that it was a terror attack! Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton even told the parents of the dead that they “will get the man who made the video.” And, of course, we can all remember after putting off testifying 3 times her say “what does it matter now”!

They were hoping that this story would die, and they could continue to peddle the vision of Obama as a success in the foreign policy arena. But, it did not. Instead, Obama lost all creditability with the American people. In addition, the effort cost Susan Rice (who was ambassador to the UN) her chance to be Secretary of State because she lost the trust of Congress because she lied to the TV networks for the Obama administration since Hillary Clinton did not want to promote the story even though she was Secretary of State! Hilary Clinton received a huge black mark for her callus comment of “what does it matter?!” during the investigation.

The bottom line is that the American people have been lied to because of Benghazi. The survivors have not been given closure. Those whose decisions led to the death of Americans have had no sanctions, and the American People have had inadequate answers since the Obama administration has been stonewalling.

The only thing that I can tell Obama is to put aside pride, politics, and privilege, and give America straight and truthful answers, and do so as soon as possible since you have lost all creditability with the American people.


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