It Has Been A Year Since BENGHAZI

It’s been one year since 4 Americans were killed in BENGHAZI and still no accountability. The Media has refused to hold Obama and Hillary Clinton accountability. The media is OK with Americans being killed in BENGHAZI. In fact, when was the last time you heard BENGHAZI mentioned by the media?

Thus, I have a few questions about the BENGHAZI terror attack that happened last year at tis time and killed 4 Americans.

* Why is Obama and Kerry more interested in Syria than BENGHAZI – do they know more than what these LIARS want to say

* Why did the State Department, led by Hillary Clinton, deceptively blame the attack on a YouTube video when documents show that within two hours of the strike, the administration knew it was a coordinated terrorist attack?

* Why were commandos denied permission to go to Benghazi and help those under siege—even though no one knew how long the attacks would last?

* Why was a Foreign Emergency Support Team (FEST) denied permission to go in to Benghazi because conditions were “too dangerous”?

* Why did it take weeks for the FBI to go to BENGHAZI crime area – everyone knows that the best way to solve a case is to visit the crime area as soon as possible. The FBI used the excuse that it was too dangerous, yet news networks visited the area. In fact, one news network after the FBI visited the BENGHAZI site found an important note on the BENGHAZI site regarding the reason for the attack.

* Why was Secretary of State Clinton never interviewed by the Accountability Review Board despite her taking “full responsibility” for the attack?

My guess is that Hillary Clinton and Obama knew about BENGHAZI and wanted to cover up their failings. Especially, before a major election in which Obama had the help of the IRS and DOJ to CHET in the election (Most people realize that if voter turnout is more than 100%, there is most like voter fraud – that is why Obama and Eric Holder do NOT want voter ID laws!). The “whys” surrounding the BENGHAZI attack and its aftermath just do not add up and the media wants to protect Obama and their future presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Which leads me to ask why do people still support the media and their lies by buying their rags!

Obama and the media are trying to bury the BENGHAZI scandal in hopes that they will run out the clock and the American people will forget about the four murdered Americans. Why do you think Obama has used the Syria crisis? When was the last time you even heard about BENGHAZI in the media?

We owe it to the American people, and more importantly, we owe it to the victims of the terrorist attack to not let the liberal media get away with this CRAP. Tell the media you want the truth about BENGHAZI or you will not support them by buying their rag.


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