Syria and U.S. Credibility

Many of my fellow Syria hawks argue that the U.S. should strike because its “credibility” is at stake. They mean Obama’s “credibility” and NOT
the of credible of U.S. power to maintain peace and security, particularly the ability to project a credible threat. Of course, there are a few exceptions, but Syria Hawks on the Republican side such as John McCain. We do have a credibility problem, but the problem is much worse than most hawks seem to realize. The nation’s credibility problem arises not just from Obama’s head-in-the-sand pacifism but from the lack of a consensus of a national-security strategy that is rationally related to the threats we face abroad by the Obama administration.

The Bush doctrine since the Obama administration has come to power, has been totally permissive of rogue regimes that support terrorism and proliferate WMD unlike the Bush doctrine. Hence, under Obama, there is no real threat against Syria or Iran, and if there is no threat, there can not be a credible threat.

The source of Obama’s threat to Syria is not really U.S. national-security policy. In my opinion, it is just a DISTRACTION that Obama wants to use so that the American people forget about the scandals and the economic recovery! To get the support of people who supported the Bush doctrine, the administration is expanding the target list. However, that does not mean Obama has embraced the Bush policy of confronting rogue regimes that support terrorism and proliferate WMD. Even if Obama carries through on his threat (Obama might just to further the DISTRACTION), the threat does not stem from any consensus policy, thus strikes can not make the policy more credible.

As I’ve said, there is no national-security policy right now under the Obama administration. The world does NOT trust Obama and the American people are beginning to doubt Obama’s credibility. Following through on one isolated threat like Syria, is not going to prevent U.S. credibility from diminishing further, because U.S. credibility is already zero thanks to Obama! We know this by looking at the Persian Gulf, we have several aircraft-carrier strike forces that are having no effect on Iranian policy.

A little credibility could go a long way for the U.S. A real national-security strategy would be a good start. REMEMBER THE BENGHAZI 4 THAT OBAMA AND HIS THUGS TRIED TO COVER UP!


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