The Democrats Really Do Have A War on Women

These are the facts that one should consider when it is said that Republicans are wagering a war on women:
1. If conservations oppose abortion on demand that kills preborn babies is turned into a “Republican war on women.”
2. Forcing me and others like me to pay for a woman’s birth control bills is not viewed as government theft but an assault on a woman’s right to reproductive health by the left.

I believe that the war on women charge is designed to cloud the fact that Democrat icons have been in the woman-abuse business for decades and the reason that liberal women support these abusers is because they support policies like abortion on demand. Foe example, take the following:

1. Robert Filner, the recent Democratic mayor and sex-abusing mayor of San Diego. Filner got into office because of union support which contributed more than $2 million as well as shoe leather, phone banks and related efforts to get the city’s first Democratic mayor in two decades into office.

On the other hand, you have people like Tom Lemmon, head of the San Diego County Building and Construction Trades Council said he believes in ‘due process’ and explained, ‘It’s an awkward situation, but we have a lot invested in him.’”

2. Bill Clinton had sex with a White House intern. Then there were the charges of rape by Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones. It did not matter to the media since Clinton supported the liberal sacrament of abortion.

3. Then there was Democrat Ted Kennedy of Chappaquiddick infamy. The Democrats played a tribute to the womanizer, putting aside his war on women actions. The Chappaquiddick story is so well known by the people that the words “Ted Kennedy” and “Chappaquiddick” are inseparably linked for all time. In addition, many know that the senior Kennedy paid the local law enforcement officer not to call it manslaughter even though Ted Kennedy was a lawyer at the time and Ted was just too young to know better!

Kennedy was most likely driving under the influence of alcohol on the evening of July 18, 1969, when he drove his car into Poucha Pond, leaving Mary Jo Kopechne, a young campaign worker, to drown. To make matters worst, Kennedy left the scene of the accident and did not report it to the police until 9:45 the next morning. I’m willing to bet that the average American person could not get away with what Kennedy had done!

In addition, to top offer the crime, evidence was removed that the senator had been drinking. In addition, the fact of Kennedy’s expired driver’s license disappeared from the Massachusetts motor vehicle office. See what MONEY & connections can buy! (It’s no accident that Harvard has a Kennedy Building at Harvard – payment for his son getting caught cheating in law school!)

4. More recently, there is the creep John Edwards. In 2011, Edwards was indicted by a North Carolina grand jury on six felony charges of violating multiple federal campaign contribution laws to cover up an extramarital affair that he admitted while knowing that his wife had cancer and resulting in the birth of a child. However, the media has always, kept the information under wraps like they did for John and Robert Kennedy. (I’m still amazed at how stupid people are in supporting the media by buying their CRAP!)

5. And, of course, let us not forget Anthony Weiner who still has high level support among young women voters because he votes the right way yet is still sinking in the polls since most people do have common sense!

There are many others, but the above are will known by many and represent the Democratic Elite. So the next time some Democrat brings up the war on women narrative, just say all the Kennedys including the old man (even while he was married), Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Anthony Weiner, and Robert Filner. And then just walk away.

Republicans are not immune from adultery or general sexual inversion. However, the voters generally reject them and do not lionize them as the Democrats have done with the Kennedys and Bill Clinton.


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