Does Obama have this surprise for Syria?

While President Obama seemingly punted the Syria question to Congress, Syria is not leaving anything to chance, still preparing for the possibility of an immediate attack from the U.S.

In my opinion, the only ‘surprise’ from Obama would be in the form of still going to war if Congress denies him. Obama only punted the question to Congress so that he could kindly bow out of his red line and save face if they say ‘no’. Israel called him a coward, but Obama is really just incompetent – opening his mouth and sticking his foot into it.

Middle East experts have said a Russian intelligence warning was delivered to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad recommended the Syrian leader keep his forces on its highest alert.

In addition, the officials also stated Turkey and Jordan are still on their highest alerts, as well, and that Saudi Arabia continued to move tanks toward Jordan to deal with fallout from any U.S. strike.

Middle East experts are stating there is specific intelligence indicating that aside from possible retaliation against Israel, the Kingdom of Jordan could also be attacked with Syrian missiles in a Western military campaign targeting Assad’s regime. Thus, could Obama start a regional war just so the American people would forget about his scandals?


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