Should Obama Be A Man And Resign

On the many forums that I visit, I often see the following:
1. Obama should resign – well, folks that’s not going to happened. Too many people like Obama hate American and want to change it. Idealogy, a disease of haters, trumps US government goals.
2. Obama should be impeached to save America – once again folks, it is not going to happen! The Senate is controlled by Harry Reid and his Democratic thugs. If you are really serious about impeaching Obama, then you must flip the Senate. That means to get off your ass and go vote and tell your friends to vote!

Americans are being systematically targeted and murdered by the Obama Administration on suspicions alone and without respect to Due Process of Law. There is no trial by jury and no appeal, just an execution that is carried out by agents of the US Government on orders of the President. However, you can to something about it NOW!

Another blog that I suggest is Impeach Obama 2013! where the blogger says, “This is the worst President we have had since Jimmy Carter. Considering that he is our first Black President and considering how BAD a job he has done, I think the next Black President won’t arrive until around 2224. Although the ‘gun control’ issue is now of major concern to Citizens this is only part of the problem. Obama has simply ruined the Country put us deeply in debt and made wrong decisions at every turn. Contact me:”

Impeach Obama NOW!


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