Is Obama Making War To Distract Us From The “Recovery”?

I read an article this morning and it got me thinking. In addition to the Syria crisis being a distraction for Obama’s scandals maybe the Syria crisis is also a distraction for the recovery.

Was the Syria crisis timed for a reason? As Americans, we still have to ask why the White House is so ready to go to war at this moment in history. They have put it off before and they could easily have delayed it now. Our own military thinks the attack is a bad idea.

Why attack the Syrians now?

I think one possibility we should consider is that Obama Administration is expecting this fake “economic recovery” to spectacularly fail really soon. Striking Syria would not only distract the population from what is going on at the home front, but it would also provide a scapegoat to blame rather than admit the failure of Obamanomics. As Ron Paul has said, “Oh we were about to get our recovery started but then we had to deal with Bashar al-Assad’s attack on his own people. Teaching him a lesson caused oil prices to spike and that derailed the recovery.”

The economy looks like it could easily take a dive. In addition, we have a part time ecomony in addition to a record number of people not working. And to top it all off, teen employment has hit record lows and black unemployment is going through the roof! Finally, consumer confidence has declined from its peak, and consumer spending is dropping

What recovery? In my opinion, this war with Syria is to get peoples minds off Fast & Furious, Benghazi, possible gun running to Libya, Egypt, Syria, so-called recovery, and who knows where else! The IRS,and NSA level of deep spying on citizens & news people, the Pigford scandal, Snowden, Ft. Hood murders being called workplace violence. The list is endless!


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