Black Thugs Or Innocent Children

According to the Media, LIAR Obama and the CROOKED Al Sharpton, try to make us believe that the white race is the cause of the black problems in America. I addition, we are supposed to feel very sorry for the plight of the black teen.

I believe Americans, by and large, do have sympathy for any person or group who had life deal them a bad hand.

However, young black thugs, need to work with Americans a little bit because they are kind of operating against the storyline that the above aforementioned are telling us Americans about. Thus, making it difficult for most Americans to feel sorry for the black thugs. Heck, just recently one black thug involved in the murder of an 88 year old white man had the gaul to blame the old man since he was selling drugs to him and the deal went wrong. Then his dad, who was not even there, backed him up saying his son was a “good” kid. Forgetting, of course, that he had prior run ins with law enforcement!

For most Americans to give a crap about black thugs, (most Americans – because people like the liberal media, Obama, Sharpton: who all believe that throwing more money on the problem would solve it), we need to see the following from these thugs:

– Your bad grades in school need to be improved

– Your high dropout rates – education makes the man!

– Your huge out of wedlock birthrates – NO RESPONSIBLITY is taken

– Your embracing of a musical culture that celebrates the shooting of cops and doing filthy, vile things to someone’s daughter – shows Americans what kind of person you are

– Your love affair with drugs and alcohol

– Your hate tweets aimed at white people

– Your flash mobbing and robbing places and people

– Your audacity to blame everybody and their dog for your odious behavior (once again NO RESPONSIBLITY)

– Your misplaced racial chip on your shoulder for something that happened over 100 years ago and the Americans went to war over yet is viewed by white racist like Obama and Sharpton as the problem that black thugs face daily!

I can only say one thing – GET A LIFE!


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