John Boehner Tells House Republicans, During A Private Conference Call, NOT To Defund ObamaCare!

National Review is reporting that “Boehner strongly hinted on a conference call with rank-and-file House Republicans that the upcoming continuing resolution will not be a do-or-die fight over Obamacare spending. ‘Our intent is to move quickly on a short-term continuing resolution [CR] that keeps the government running…'”

Do not be fooled by the Washington weasel-speak. Boehner and others are throwing down the gauntlet, essentially saying to rank-and-file House Republicans: Do NOT listen to the pesky demands of the American people… move to defund ObamaCare and you will NOT just invite Barack Obama’s wrath… YOU WILL INVITE MY WRATH.

Make no mistake, Boehner is trying to herd cats and is issuing veiled threats precisely because the calls and faxes from patriotic Americans are starting to be heard loud-and-clear in Washington… And now that John Boehner has played his hand, we – the American people – must play ours. Stand up and fight. Phone your representatives or fax them NOW! Tell your friends to do the same!

Our elected officials must make a choice, and they need to make it now. Let them know that they can either do what House Leadership wants, or they can do what the American people want and DEFUND OBAMACARE!


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