Is Obama A Cheat As Well As A Liar

In my opinion, Obama CHEATED to win the election. There are basically three facts that support Obama stole the election by cheating. They are:

1. 3 Obama campaign heads were caught voting twice in swing states (who knows, there were most likely more!)
Houston head voted in Texas as well as Florida (a swing state)
Baltimore head voted in Maryland as well as Ohio (a swing state)
Brooklyn head voted in New York as well as Ohio (a swing state)

2. Remember, Obama knew that he only needed to win by 2%. In many swing states that is all that Obama won by! That is why Romney should have been ahead by 10%.
Obama knew he could get some of his supporters in get swing states vote several times. In fact, Obama had one dumb ass in Cincy brag on TV that she had voted 6 times since she wanted to make sure her vote got counted. Imagine, she was a prescient worker! She did get arrested.

3. Most Americans that use common sense know that voter turnout can not exceed 100% unless one person CHEATED. Yet, in the last election that is what happened! Many cities saw turnouts exceed 100%. In fact, my city had a voter turnout of 104%. Even dead people voted in addition to getting to money from Obama’s thugs (widespread voter turnout, voter fraud in 2012, and Barrack Obama Voter Fraud In 2012. And I can provide a lot more for you to view. Why did nothing happen? Well, that is because the present Republicans in D.C. are gutless and are afraid of Obama’s thugs.

We all know that Obama is a LIAR and tries to get the “goods” on Americans by spying, IRS, false DOJ claims, etc (just look at all the scandals!). It would not surprise me if Obama had the “goods” on John Roberts (changed his mind on ObamaCare in Supreme Court), David H. Petraeus (The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (D/ CIA) who would not play ball with Obama – and we all know what happen to him!), and now Peter King (a so-called conservative who now supports Obama spying on Americans).


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